The Flavour Apprentice

The Flavour Apprentice (TFA) is a leading flavour manufacturer also known as The Perfumer's Apprentice offering over 300 concentrates that can be used in a variety of industries.  Founded in 2004 and manufactured in the USA, TFA became one of the leading E liquid flavouring producers to meet the demands of the fast growing industry.  In 2009 The Flavour Apprentice became well established and has grown ever since.

E liquid concentrates are undiluted flavouring which is diluted withVG and/or PG to create an E liquid.  With a range of 300 flavours available in the TFA concentrate range, there is something for all vapers to enjoy.  

The popular flavours include TFA Sweet Strawberry andTFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.  We recommend to add as little as 3% and up to 15% of flavouring to your chosen base blend.  For further information on check out our TFA blog.