Replacement Vape Tanks

Your tank is crucial to your vaping experience. It contains your e-liquid, heats it up and transforms it into the vapour you inhale. Vape kits come complete with ecig tanks, but tanks are often interchangeable. You can customise and improve your vaping life by simply investing a new tank. At TMB Notes, we bring you an exciting range of the latest vape tanks from the leading manufacturers. But which should you choose?

Mouth to lung or sub ohm tank?

Mouth to lung (MTL) vaping mirrors the way you smoke a traditional cigarette. You draw the vapour into your mouth and then inhale it into your lungs. This vaping style is popular with new vapers because it is helps them to stay away from the ciggies. MTL vape tanks produce less vaper that sub ohm tanks and so are also the discreet options. They are compatible with higher resistance coils which are suitable for vaping eliquids which feature bases that are at least 50PG. High resistance coils can be fired by low wattage mods and batteries.

Sub Ohm vape tanks facilitate direct to lung vaping. Here, you draw the vapour directly into your lungs as you would with a hookah. These tanks are called sub ohm because they are compatible with coils that have resistances of less than 1.0 ohm. These coils get much hotter than those with higher resistances and require a high wattage mod to fire them.

What is a rebuildable vape tank?

Rebuildable tanks are suitable only for advanced vapers as they necessitate a good knowledge of Ohm’s law and batteries in order to be used safely. They enable you to fully customise your vaping style as you can build your own coils and wicks. Many tanks are compatible with a range or series of coils, giving you a choice of resistance. In some cases, that series of coils includes a rebuildable atomiser (RBA), giving you the ability to move on to building your coils, if you wish.

Top filled or bottom filled tank?

Top filling is convenient as you can always top up your vape juice without having to remove the tank from the battery. All you need to do is slide, unscrew or flip open the top of the tank to reveal the filling port. Bottom filled tanks must usually be removed from the battery before you can refill them. With bottom fill tanks, you are less likely to experience e liquid leakage and you will enjoy the advantage of replacing your coils without losing any juice.

Is adjustable airflow important?

Airflow has a serious impact on the nature of your draws. Regular (restricted) airflow produces an experience similar to smoking. When you increase the airflow, you create airier draws with enhanced vapour. Most tanks feature adjustable airflow. Some enable you to choose from three to five settings while with others, airflow is fully adjustable.

What is the capacity of vape tanks?

The European Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) restricted the capacity of vape tanks sold in the UK to just 2ml. Regardless of the diameter of your tank, its capacity will be 2ml or less. This is inconvenient as you will have to top up the tank frequently. However, it is possible to purchase expansion glass for some tanks. Expansion glass is a replacement glass tube which increases the tank’s capacity. The tubes are easy to fit and can make life much easier. If you think you might be vaping your way through plenty of eliquid every day, choose aa tank for which expansion glass is available. Sub ohm coils increase eliquid consumption and so it is particularly helpful if you can imporve the volume of a sub ohm tank.

Which type of drip tip should you choose?

Drip tip is another name for the mouthpiece of a vape tank. The drip tip can change your tank’s performance significantly. There are two sizes of drip tip available, but some tanks are compatible only with one size. An 810 drip tip is wider and so delivers a deeper inhale. A 510 drip tips is narrower and so produces a tighter inhale together with warmer vapes.

Which diameter of tank should you choose?

If you have chosen a vape pen, you will require a tank of the same diameter as the battery. You benefit from greater choice if you have chosen a box mod. A tank with a small diameter will fit comfortably but you might have concerns about the look. A tank with a larger diameter might be broader than the width of the mod and that can look strange too. You should also check which type of connection your battery has and you must select a tank with a compatible connection.

Which e liquids can you vape with your tank?

It’s important that you choose the right eliquids for your tank. All e liquid flavours boast bases which are a mixture of vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). It is the ratio of these ingredients which you should pay attention to. Vape coils with high resistances don’t heat up sufficiently to efficiently vaporise eliquids which are high VG. You should, therefore, chose flavours which are at least 50PG. On the other hand, if your device is fitted with sub ohm coils, you should seek out juice which is at least 60VG. The higher the proportion of VG the bigger the cloud production.

Your second consideration in choosing your e-liquids is nicotine strength, if you intend to vape e liquids that contain nicotine. The greater the vapour that you produce, the more nicotine you will inhale. This is why high VG e liquids tend to have nicotine strengths of 6mg or less. Nic salt flavours usually boast 50PG bases which are suitable for pen style ecigs and pod kits.

How to maintain your vape tank

Your tank will deliver superior performance if you take care of it. Regular cleaning is essential and you should protect your glass with a vape band. Don’t overtighten your tank when you fit it to your mod as this can damage the connector. You should also check your o rings regularly. These are the little rubber circles that maintain all of the seals on your tank. They degrade over time and will need to be replaced. Most vape tanks are supplied with a set of replacement o rings.

Vape tanks at TMB notes

We have selected the finest mouth to lung tanks and direct to lung tanks from the leading brands for your vaping pleasure. You will discover the latest models from the Aspire, Innokin, Geekvape, Horizon Tech, Uwell and SMOK ranges plus more. Check out the Aspire Nautilus, Geekvape Zeus tank and Freemax Fireluke together with the appropriate replacement atomiser heads.

Most tanks are available in a variety of colours to suit your vape mods and your personal style. Accidents can and do happen and so we also bring you replacement glass including expansion glass to increase the capacity of your tank. Don’t forget that you could also consider pod systems. Vape pods, including replaceable pods, refillable pods and prefilled pods, are user-friendly and hassle-free alternatives to vape tanks which are particularly suitable for beginners.

Whether you are searching for an MTL tank or wish to move on to subohm vaping, you will find everything you need here at TMB Notes. From the best electronic cigarettes to replacement coils, our range showcases the devices and accessories that ensure you enjoy a satisfying vaping experience.