E-Liquid Concentrates

Flavour concentrates guarantee success when you are mixing your DIY e liquids. At TMB Notes we offer an extensive range of diverse concentrates with something to please every vaping palate. From the sweetest candy flavours to fruity delights and from sensational sodas to delicious desserts, you will discover flavour concentrates honouring all of your favourite treats. There are hundreds to choose from, including concentrates from the planet’s most popular brands and our own carefully conceived TMB Notes recipes.

What are Flavour Concentrates?

It can be hard to perfect the taste of DIY e liquids. When you combine flavours, unexpected background notes may appear, or your finished recipe can lack balance. You might be aiming for e liquid that tastes like Lemon Sherbets only to end up with juice that reminds you of something you would clean your bathroom with!

E Liquid flavour concentrates ensure that your vape juices boast the taste you are looking for. The producers will have undertaken the trial and error involved in nailing what can be hugely complex flavours, so you don’t need to. Simply add your concentrate to your chosen base liquid. You will then benefit from vape juice that is perfectly tailored to both your taste and your device.

Flavour concentrates do not contain nicotine and so are not subject to the bottle size restrictions dictated by the European Tobacco Directive (TPD). Concentrates are available in a variety of bottle sizes, but the most concentrates are supplied in servings of 30ml.

The Advantages of E liquid Concentrates

Flavour concentrates can remove and element of creativity from the process of mixing your juice. But there are many advantages which are worth considering:

  • Perfectly balanced flavour
  • Ease of use
  • Potential to save money
  • Access to your favourite flavours
  • Huge choice of flavours
  • Products made specifically for vaping

Are Flavour Concentrates Safe?

Many DIY e liquid enthusiasts use food flavourings in their recipes. But these are not intended to be inhaled and so are not tested for vaping safety. E liquid concentrates from the leading brands are screened for potentially harmful ingredients. They are generally more stringently tested than food flavourings, despite not being covered by the TPD.

Flavour Concentrates

One shot or single flavours you'll fine all you need at TMB Notes.

How to use Flavour Concentrates

Flavour concentrates should not be vaped undiluted as the flavour will be far too intense and usually incredibly unpleasant as a result! Concentrates should be added to your chosen base liquid. This will be a mixture of vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). You may also wish to include nicotine shots in your juice. It is important to remember that that the concentrate may impact the VG/PG ratio of your finished e liquid, depending on the base of the concentrate. Most flavour concentrates feature 100% PG bases but you should always confirm the VG/PG ratio.

You should also establish what concentration of flavour you should use. You may need to include as much as 30% concentrate with some flavours and as little as 8% with others. The packaging and online listings of most concentrates will feature a recommended concentration to use. You may need to fine tune your recipe after your first attempt in order to suit your taste. If in doubt as to how much concentrate to add, aim for 15%-20% in the first instance. The maths can be complicated and so it best to take advantage of one of the online e liquid calculators to fine tune your recipe.

Fabulous Flavours at TMB Notes

The TMB Notes range gives you a wonderful array of concentrates to choose from. You will discover tobacco flavour concentrates, dessert flavours, candy delights, sodas and breakfast flavours together with mint and menthol choices. Then there are the fruit concentrates which include green apple, tropical fruit, berry fruits, and citrus fruit options.

Alongside our own TMB Notes range of flavour concentrates, we offer popular choices from the leading e liquid brands including T-Juice, Dinner Lady, Vampire Vape, V-Juice, Riot Squad, VGod and IVG.

Whether you favour a magical mojito, creamy custard or classic candy flavour, you will find something special to enjoy right here. From Heisenberg to Purple Rain, we bring you the classic flavours that enhance your vaping experience.

You should also consider exploring our flavour enhancers. These enable you to tweak your recipes by injecting a little sweetness, fizz or sherbet zing. Alternatively, try adding Koolada to your juice to create chilly vapes to savour.

It must be time to choose your preferred e-liquid flavour concentrate - or several! You can look forward to the finest e-liquid flavour. Your perfect juice will enable you to get the most our of your pod kits, e cig kit or sub ohm tank. DIY e liquid has never been easier to mix. But if DIY mixing isn’t for you, consider trying a bottle shot or short fill. Alternatively, treat yourself to a selection of incredible ready-made vape juice from TMB Notes!