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TMB Notes Bottle Shot

TMB Notes Bottle Shot

Following the below instructions your TMB Notes bottle shots will make either 250ml or 500ml of delicious E-liquid.Bottle shots come with 50ml of conc...

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Guaranteeing successful DIY eliquids, the TMB Notes bottle shots keep things wonderfully simple. Providing the perfect introduction to mixing your own vape juice, bottle shots offer a fabulous fusion of flavour and convenience.

What are bottle shot concentrates?

DIY e liquids require you to invest in and use flavour concentrates, base liquids, nicotine shots and bottles. You then need to evolve your recipe and accurately measure your ingredients. It is vital to feature the correct concentration of flavour and the calculations involved can become surprisingly complex. Bottle shots remove a few of the complications from the process. Each bottle shot gives you a 250ml or 500ml bottle containing a fabulous flavour concentrate. The flavour shot takes up 20% of the bottle. All you need to do is add your base liquid and nic shots – freebase or nicotine salt. Bottle shots nicely bridge the gap between DIY juice and short fills.

You can still choose your preferred VG/PG ratio for your eliquids and you will benefit from a generous portion of juice for your vape tank or pod. If you are challenged for time, but you would like to mix your own juice, bottle shots are most certainly the way forward.

Bottle shot flavours

Happily, our bottle shot collection gives you an impressive choice of flavours. Whether you favour fruity flavours, menthol vapes, dessert delights, custard flavours or confectionery treats, you will discover tasty options in our range. There’s something to please even the most demanding vaping palate and each flavour has been perfected by our team, so you don’t have to experiment. We also showcase DIY mixing kits from Vape Breakfast Classics.

How to bottle up

All you are going to need to create amazing eliquids is your bottle shots, your base mix and your nicotine shots. The bottle shots are fitted with dripper caps, removing the need for further equipment. Here’s how to complete the 250ml and 500ml starter kits:

  • Settle upon the nicotine strength you wish to achieve and select the correct number of shots. For example, with a 250ml bottle shot, to achieve a strength of 3mg you will need 42ml of nic shot which is 4.2 10ml shots.
  • Choose your base liquid. The flavour concentrate in the bottle shot is 100PG and constitutes 20% of the finished volume. This will impact the VG/PG ratio of your finished juice as will the base liquid ratio of your nicotine shots.
  • Calculate your recipe. It is best to take advantage of an online e liquid calculator or a DIY eliquid app.
  • Add your ingredients to the bottle. It’s best to add the nicotine shots first and then give the mixture a shake before adding your base. If you have calculated your recipe in advance, you can then simply add your base until your juice reaches the fill line on the bottle.
  • Shake your completed e liquid vigorously.
  • Steep your flavour. The right steeping time will depend on the nature of the flavour. The recommended steeping times are printed on the bottles.

DIY eliquids made easy

It’s great fun to mix your own eliquids and a little DIY could save you money. Bottle shots ensure that mixing is a little easier and that you don’t have to waste your hard-earned cash trying to nail your flavours and failing. You can neatly side-step the volume restrictions of the TPD and create the juice that best suits both your taste and your device. You become the flavour boss and you can keep those tasty bottles coming, whether you crave dessert flavours, drink flavours or bakery flavours. Flavour bottles are the way forward!