Velo Nicotine Pouches

Velo Nicotine Pouches

Velo Nicotine PouchesIntroducing the innovative Velo Nicotine Pouches - A new product from BAT, the producer of the classic snus and nicotine pouch br...

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Our comprehensive range of nicotine shots gives you all the options you need to create the perfect e liquids. With a variety of bases and strengths to choose from, together with both freebase and salt nicotine shots, we ensure that you can mix the ideal vape juice. Your e liquids will then suit your device and satisfies your cravings. Ideal for completing short fill flavours and DIY e liquids, our nicotine shots are of the finest quality.

What are Shortfills?

The European Tobacco Directive (TPD) introduced restrictions on the sale of e liquids. Vape juice containing nicotine can now only be sold in volumes of 10ml or less. This has proved to be a major inconvenience for vapers who could do without a drawer full of 10ml e liquid. E liquid producers inevitably looked for ways to offer larger volumes of juice. Entrance short fills!

Short fill bottles feature nicotine-free e liquids plus room to add nicotine shots. For instance, a 60ml short fill e liquid will contain 50ml of flavour, leaving room to add a single 10ml nic shot. A 120ml short fill will contain 100ml of flavour, leaving room to add two 10ml nic shots. Short fills give you generous servings of your favourite flavours and with the minimum of fuss.

How to Choose the Right Nicotine Shot for your Shortfills

18mg nicotine shots are the most popular choices to complete short fills. It is important to remember that the nicotine strength of shot will be diluted when you add it to your e liquid. A single 18mg 10ml shot added to 50ml of e liquid will result in completed juice with a nicotine strength of 3mg.

You should also bear in mind that the VG/PG ratio of the nicotine shot will impact the base liquid ratio of your e liquid. If you have chosen a 70VG short fill and wish your completed juice to remain 70VG, you need to add a 70VG shot. E liquids which are 60VG or higher are suitable only for sub ohm tanks and pods. High VG juice will quickly clog the coil wires of low resistance atomiser heads.

What are DIY E liquids?

Short fill e liquids are ready to vape and only require the addition of a nicotine shot. But if you would prefer to precisely tailor your juice or to create larger volumes, you can mix your own e liquids. With DIY juice, you can mix liquid which suits your taste, provides the perfect nicotine strength and features your preferred VG/PG ratio.

To get mixing, you will need flavour concentrate, base liquid, nicotine shots and a suitable bottle. Alternatively, invest in DIY mixing kits. Evolving the right recipe can challenge your maths skills. If you struggle to work out the volume of concentrate and base that you need or how many nic shots you should include, take advantage of an online e liquid calculator.

What are Bottle Shots?

Our Bottle Shots neatly bridge the gap between short fills and DIY e liquids. These 250ml and 500ml bottles contain an appropriate amount of flavour concentrate. You simply add your chosen base liquid together with your nicotine shots.

Freebase and salt nicotine

Conventional nicotine, known as freebase nicotine, is the purest form of the addictive chemical. Until recently, all e liquids and shots contained freebase nicotine. However, this delivers harsh throat hits and isn’t absorbed quickly by your body. Salt nicotine is a relatively new innovation. It is the type of nicotine found in tobacco leaves but in its natural state, would have to be vaped at very high temperatures and is not readily absorbed.

The nicotine salt you find in e liquids and shots has been modified by the addition of harmless benzoic acid. This delivers nic salts that can be vaped at low temperatures and ensure smoother hits. This type of nicotine is a great choice if you are a recently reformed smoker with significant cravings and you are using a vape pen, starter vape kit or pod system. You will be able to take as many puffs as you need without irritating your throat and the effects are immediate. Salt nicotine is only appropriate for low wattage devices and so your DIY vape liquid should be at least 50PG.

Please note that with nicotine salt shots and salt e-liquids, you may see the nicotine strength prefixed by NS. For example, NS10 or NS20 nic salt.

72mg Nicotine

Our 72mg Nicotine is created using the finest natural ingredients. This 100% Vegetarian Nicotine is extracted from tobacco and carefully blended with a combination of plant-based carriers.

The TMB Nicotine Shots

We are pleased to bring you nicotine booster shots with nicotine strengths of 9mg to 20mg. You will discover both freebase and salt nicotine shots in our range. You can also choose your ideal VG/PG ratio – 50VG/50PG, 70VG/30PG or 100VG. Our own premium nic shots are joined by nicotine boosters from the Nic Nic, Flawless and Zap! Juice collections. Whether you are seeking a salt shot for mouth to lung vaping or a high VG nicotine shot to suit your subohm tank, you will find it right here. There’s no substitute for a top shot!

Ice shots

To imbue your juice with a dose of chill, consider adding and ice shot. The Nic Nic Ice Cool shots and Yeti Ice nicotine shots will bring a whole new dimension to your e liquids. Fruit flavours including citrus flavours, tobacco flavours and dessert e liquids can all benefit from a touch of ice.

What's the Difference Between Nic Shots and Nic Salts?

Nicotine salts use Salicylate or Benzo acid this creates smoother vaping . Smoother vape allows the user to have a higher nicotine load thus satisfying cravings of nicotine. Nic Shots work well with lower nicotine strengths but with high nicotine 12-18mg this can irritate the throat this resulting in user not wanting to vape and satisfy nicotine cravings.

Nicotine safety

Nicotine is a dangerous substance and so should be handled with care. Gloves should be worn when handling nicotine and if the chemical contacts your skin, wash it off immediately. Mix your e liquids on a stable surface and in a quiet place where you can avoid distractions. Always keep nicotine out of the reach of children and pets.

Any form of nicotine will degrade over time, changing colour and developing an unpleasant taste. Storing your shots and e liquids in a fridge will slow down this process. Products with a higher PG content will degrade more slowly than those which are high in VG as PG is a better preservative. Take care of your nic salt e-liquid, shots and salt shots, then they will take care of you.