Batteries and Chargers

Molicell P28A 18650 Battery

Molicel P28A 18650 Battery

Molicel P28A 18650 BatteryThe Molicel P28A 18650 vape battery is a standard option for a huge range of vape kits and mods that support 18650 batteries...

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18650 Battery Case 4 Bay

18650 Battery Case 4 Bay Hard CaseOur 18650 Battery Case is a stylish and practical way to keep your batteries safe when not in use. The hard case is ...

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Efest Lush Q2 Charger

Efest Lush Q2 Charger

Efest Lush Q2 ChargerThe Efest Lush Q2 charger is a two bay battery charger featuring two spring-loaded bays which allows quick and secure installatio...

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Efest Lush Q4 Charger

Efest Lush Q4 Charger

Efest Lush Q4 ChargerThe Q4 has three charging modes with different Amp outputs; there's speedy 2A charging when one battery is inserted, 1A charging ...

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IJOY 20700 3000mAh Battery

IJOY 20700 3000mAh Battery

IJOY 20700 3000mAh BatteryThe IJOY 20700 3000mAh battery is a rechargeable battery from IJOY that has 3000mAh capacity, with continuous discharging cu...

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IJOY 21700 3.7V Battery

IJOY 21700 3.7V Battery

IJOY 21700 3.7V Battery High DrainThe IJOY 20700 3000mAh battery is a rechargeable battery from IJOY that has 3000mAh capacity, with continuous discha...

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Molicell P42A 21700 Battery

Molicel P42A 21700 Battery

Molicel P42A 21700 BatterySpecifications:Brand: MolicelModel: INR 21700 P42ASize: 21700Chemistry: INRNominal Capacity: 4200mAhNominal Voltage: 3.7VDis...

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Nitecore Digicharger D2

Nitecore Digicharger D2

Nitecore Digicharger D2The Nitecore D2 is a universal smart charger compatible with almost all cylindrical rechargeable batteries, thus eliminating th...

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Nitecore LC10 Charger

Nitecore LC10 Charger

Nitecore LC10 Magnetic Charger is an extremely lightweight and portable charger, that utilises magnetic tabs which attaches to either end of a Li-ion/...

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Sony VTC6 18650 Battery

Sony VTC6 18650 Battery

Sony VTC6 18650 BatteryThe Sony/Murata VTC6 18650 Battery features a 3000mah capacity and has an amp rating of 15A.These 18650 batteries are made by M...

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Batteries and Chargers

Many vape mods are powered by removeable batteries (cells). These are usually additional purchases and so enable you to choose the nature of the cells that you use. At TMB Notes, we offer a comprehensive range of rechargeable batteries which are suitable and safe for use in conjunction with electronic cigarettes. We showcase IJoy, Samsung, LG and Sony batteries plus more together with chargers from the impressive Nitcore, Hohm and Efest ranges.

The advantages of removeable batteries

Integrated batteries are the hassle-free choice and devices with internal batteries tend to be cheaper to purchase. But there are several advantages to removeable batteries that are worth considering before choosing your box mod or full kit.

Removeable batteries save you money

When an integrated battery gives up the ghost, you will need to replace the entire device. But when removeable batteries come to the end of their useful lives, you simply invest in new ones and can continue to use your treasured mod, vape pen or pod system. While devices powered by removeable batteries tend to be more costly investments initially, over the longer term, they will save you money as they won’t need to be replaced so often.

Removeable batteries can be charged independently

When you need to charge an integrated battery, you must connect your entire device to a power source and charge via a USB port. With most ecigs, you can continue to vape while charging courtesy of pass through technology. However, this isn’t helpful if you are out and about without a power bank. With removeable batteries, you are able to carry spares and you can charge the flat batteries at a more convenient time. Removeable batteries do require an investment in an appropriate charger but many mods allow on-board charging of external batteries.

Removable batteries are usually more powerful. 

Removeable batteries generally deliver more oomph than integrated batteries. They are, therefore, the best choices for devices with higher outputs.

How to choose the right removeable vape battery

Vape batteries may look like oversized AA batteries, but they are very different animals. You can’t just load any battery into any device as there are performance and safety implications. Always read the instructions for your device and use the recommended batteries.

Batteries for mechanical mods

Safety is particularly an issue with mechanical (unregulated) mods. These devices are accidents waiting to happen if you don’t what you are doing. If you don’t possess a good understanding of ohms law, don’t mess with mechanical mods! For mech mods, only use a protected battery with onboard circuitry that compensates for the mod’s lack of safety protections. The battery should deliver at least 25 amps.

Batteries for regulated mods

With regulated mods, that is those featuring adjustment buttons and/or screens, you can use unprotected batteries. The mod’s safety protections will prevent you from doing anything incendiary! It’s still best to choose batteries rated at 25A or higher.

Battery capacity and discharge rate

Your external mod battery must be compatible with your device. Batteries are rated by their capacity (mAh rating) and amps (current handling). Your choice of battery may seem counterintuitive as batteries with larger capacities are best suited to less powerful devices. This is because batteries that boast a higher Milliamp Hours (mAh) rating tend to have a lower discharge rate. Batteries with lover mAh ratings will usually have higher discharge rates. This makes them better choices for higher wattage devices.

In the past, electronic cigarettes from different manufacturers were compatible with a variety of vape mod battery sizes. These days most manufacturers have settled upon designing devices to be compatible with 18650 batteries.

Two or more batteries

Some mods and vape kits are powered by two or more batteries and the batteries may run in series or in parallel. When the batteries run in series, the voltage is doubled but the mAh (capacity) remains the same. When two batteries run in parallel, both the voltage and the amperage are doubled. Batteries running in series deliver greater power but less battery life while parallel set-ups provide less power but more battery life.

If your mod takes two or more batteries, you must make up a set of identical batteries. You should never mix old and new batteries or different types of batteries. Your battery set should only be used to power a specific device and not to power any other device. Don’t forget that your vape battery charger should be compatible with your chosen batteries.

Never cut corners with vape batteries

It’s always good to save money but it is not a great idea to skimp on your vape batteries. Cheap, generic batteries may not perform as well as those from leading brands such as Sony, Samsung and LG. To make matter’s worse they might not be safe to use. Always purchase your ecig battery from a reputable retailer that you trust. You can trust TMB Notes! If you buy cheap batteries from an eBay seller, they may be generic batteries repackaged to look like branded ones. That special price might not prove to be so special after all!

How to maximise your battery life

It makes sense to do everything you can to maximise the life of your batteries. Here’s our top tips for taking care of your cells:

1. Fully charge your battery when you receive it as this will condition the battery.
2. Store batteries in a cool, dark place when not in use.
3. Ensure that any batteries you are storing are at least 40% charged. This facilitates some discharge and ensures that protection circuits continue to function.
4. Use your batteries regularly as they are designed for frequent use.
5. Charge your vape batteries before they are fully drained as this placed less stress on the battery.
6. Turn off your device when you are not using it to prevent accidental firing.
7. Keep batteries out of direct sunlight and shielded from high temperatures. If batteries get too hot, their lifespan will be reduced.
8. Use a case to protect spare batteries when you are out and about. If a battery touches metal, it can cause a short.

Battery Safety

Lithium ion batteries produce plenty of oomph for their size. These diminutive powerhouses contain flammable and volatile chemicals which can cause the batteries to explode. Explosive incidents are now very rare and those that do occur are usually the result of user error. Here’s how to improve battery safety:

1. Don’t mix and match batteries. If your device requires two or more batteries, install identical batteries. Don’t mix new batteries with older ones.
2. Choose the right charger. If your battery is not supplied with a compatible charger, check the product specifications to ensure that a charger has an appropriate voltage output.
3. Don’t leave batteries on charge overnight or when you are not at home.
4. Charge your battery on a non-flammable surface.
5. Carry spare batteries in a plastic case to prevent them contacting metal.
6. Don’t attempt to use a battery that has been exposed to water.
7. Don’t borrow batteries from anyone.
8. If you have any concerns about your vape batteries, don’t use them.