With the potential to give you improved flavour and the ability to totally customise your experience, rebuildables are worthy of your consideration. Rebuilding your coils also ensures that you have complete control over the materials in your atomiser heads. You will find everything you need to build your own coils here at TMB Notes including cotton wicking, tools, wire reels, RDAs and RTAs. If you are not familiar with the world of vaping rebuildables, here’s everything you need to know.

What are rebuildable atomisers?

Most vapers choose electronic cigarettes for which prebuilt atomiser heads are available. The vape pens, starter kits and pod systems may be compatible with only one type of coil. They could be compatible with a range of coils to give you more choices. But if you wish to fully customise your vaping experience, you will need to build and rebuild your atomisers. There will be a learning curve involved but coil building isn’t rocket science and could save you money over the longer term.

Types of rebuildable atomizers

There are 3 principle forms of rebuildable atomiser, and you will need to decide which is most appropriate for you.

RDA (Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer) 

This is the most basic form of vaping rebuildable as it consists only of a build deck and top cap. There’s no eliquid reservoir with a rebuildable dripping atomiser as you drip eliquid directly onto the coil between draws. This is somewhat inconvenient when you are out and about and so RDAs had begun to fall out of favour. However, the availability of squonk mods is starting to change that situation. Most RDAs feature a squonk 510 pin which enables eliquid to be pumped through it. These RDAs can be used with a squonk mod which has a built-in reservoir that can be squeezed to moisten the wick of the RDA.

RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) 

An RTA is a rebuildable atomizer with the build deck located inside the tank. These can be used in conjunction with a variety of box mods and so give you greater flexibility. You still need to wrap a coil, attach it to the system and add a wick but you will not have to use a squonk mod or drip your juice onto the coil. A 22mm RTA, 23mm RTA or 24mm RTA could ensure that you enjoy a more satisfying vaping life.

RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) 

While RBA has always been a general term for rebuildable atomisers, these days the term usually describes a rebuildable atomiser head which can be used in certain tanks in place of prebuilt atomiser heads. RBAS are not available for all tanks. You would need to check out the range of coils that are compatible with the vape tank or pod mod you are considering to find out whether your options include an RBA. These don’t typically perform as well as an RTA but will enable you to learn the art of building your coils.

What supplies do you need?

You will require wires to build your coils and your deck may be set up for a single coil, two vape wires or more. There are several options including kanthal, Nichrome and stainless steel and these wires are available in different gauges (thicknesses). Each type of wire performs differently and is compatible with certain vaping modes. Your choice of wire will depend on whether you favour variable wattage, variable voltage or temperature control vaping. You can explore a more detailed explanation of vape wires on our coils page. You will also require wicking material, and this would usually be organic cotton.

In addition to your rebuildable materials, you will need a small selection of tools. Wire cutters enable you to cut sections of wire and to trim the wire once you have installed your coils. A coil jig is useful for winding your wires although it is possible to use a screwdriver. Talking of screwdrivers, you might need those as well because not all rebuildables are supplied with tools. Even if they are, the screwdrivers may be of poor quality. Keep Phillips heads, hex heads and flat heads on hand. Angled tweezers can also make building easier.

You could consider investing in an ohm meter to read the resistance of the coils you have built and to identify hot spots. Many regulated mods will read the resistance of your coils, but an ohm meter makes life easier and could help you to identify a malfunctioning mod before it becomes dangerous or lets you down.

Vaping rebuildables at TMB Notes

Getting started with rebuildables is easy with TMB Notes! You will discover an impressive collection of cotton wicking together with premade coils from Vapor Tech and a handy tool kit. Our range also features an extensive choice of wires from Vandy Vape and Vapor Tech plus RDAs from Vandy Vape. Don’t forget to check out our vape tanks as there are models for which RBAs are available. In addition to rebuildable supplies, we are also delighted to bring you flavours from the leading eliquid brands, batteries and chargers, the latest sub ohm tanks, replacement coils, nic shots and more.

Your vaping journey could be about to take an exciting turn and one which enables you to fully tailor your equipment to your vaping style. DIY vaping could be the way forward!