How to Use Bottle Shots

Introducing the fabulous TMBnotes Bottle Shots! Featuring carefully chosen and perfectly blended flavours, Bottle Shots enable you to enjoy DIY e liquids but with the guarantee of impressive results!

With anything in life, it’s always difficult to balance creativity and convenience. Corner cutting can feel like cheating or selling yourself short but you are probably challenged for time. You know that the ready meal you have just incinerated in the microwave probably isn’t the healthiest or tastiest choice. But you are late for a meeting and it’s a better option than starving.

Ditto e liquids. Mixing your own is interesting and fun. You can make as much as you like without worrying about the silly volume restrictions imposed by the TPD. However, nailing the right flavour can involve a copious amount of trial and error, wasting your time and money. Entrance Bottle Shots!

We’ve got a lot of bottle!

Our bottle shots are served up in 250ml and 500ml bottles, enabling you to go large. Each contains a fabulous flavour concentrate (PG), blended by our experts, which takes up 20% of the bottle’s volume.

All you have to do is add your chosen base and nicotine shots to complete the perfect vape juice. We’ve nailed the flavour so you don’t have to but you still get to choose the PG/VG ratio and nicotine strength. Better still, you will have a huge portion of e liquid for your tank.

Sound good? Here’s how to mix your juice.

How to bottle up

All you will need to create your delicious vape juice is one of our Bottle Shots, your base liquid and your nicotine shots. The bottles are fitted with dripper caps and so you will not need to invest in any equipment.

Decide which nicotine strength you want to achieve and grab the correct number of shots. If you are using 10ml 18mg shots, here’s how many you should to add:

For 250ml Bottle Shot
3mg strength = 4.2 nic shots (42ml)
6mg strength = 8.3 nic shots (83ml)

For 500ml Bottle Shot
3mg strength = 8.3 nic shots (83ml)
6mg strength – 16.7 nic shots (167ml)

1. Choose your base liquid. Remember that the flavour concentrate in the Bottle Shot is 100PG and constitutes 20% of the finished volume. You will need to check the base liquid ratio of your nic shots in order to calculate how much PG and VG to include in your e liquid.

2. Calculate your recipe. This can be a complex calculation factoring in the nic shots and flavour concentrate. If your maths skills aren’t all they might be, use an online e liquid calculator. But If you want to make your life as simple as possible, choose a base liquid which is 20% higher in VG than your desired ratio together with nicotine shots which feature your desired ratio. For example, to achieve e liquid which is 50VG, choose a 70VG base and 50VG nic shots.

3. Add your ingredients to the bottle. It’s best to add the nicotine first and give the mix a shake before adding the base liquid. Add ingredients up to the fill line on the bottle.

4. Shake the bottle vigorously.

5. Steep your flavour before vaping. Steeping times vary according to the nature of the flavour and our recommendations are printed on the bottles.

Have you bottled it?

Don’t be put off by the maths. It’s easy to get the hang of our Bottle Shots! Once you’ve completed one, you will never look back. They remove the need to invest in any equipment and they deliver amazing flavour without you having to endure several failed experiments. Better still, Bottle Shots give you oodles of juice in one convenient bottle and at a great price.