If you have been searching for the finest yogurt flavours, the Yogods will be the answer to your prayers!

A stunning collection of vibrant fruit yogurt flavours, Yogods will regale your taste buds with heavenly fusions of sweet, sour and creamy notes. When it comes to flavour, the devil is always in the detail and we have worked hard to ensure that each juice truly hits the spot. In other words, we have nailed the flavours, so you don?t need to experiment. Your DIY e liquids will please your taste buds and will never leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Dabbling in DIY E Liquids?

They say that god helps those who help themselves and so DIY juice must be the way to go. But it can be difficult to perfect those complex flavours. You know how it is ? god works in mysterious ways! Unexpected background flavours can appear at any time to ruin your recipes.

Our carefully conceived concentrates remove the need for trial and error, delivering amazing results every time. Yogods flavours are certainly no exception and offer beautiful blends of fruit and creamy yogurt. Thank yogods for that!

E liquid flavours to worship

So, what can you expect from Yogods? Well, for a start, each flavour concentrate is perfectly balanced. Better still, you have impressive choice because there are five great flavours in the collection. Apple takes yogurt to the sharp side while Banana lends a topical twist to your vapes. Orange is full of zing and Blueberry offers both the sweet and the sour side of the fruit. The collection is completed by gorgeous Grape, which lends a new twist to the fruit of the vine.

Vape juice fit for the gods

Yogurt flavours bring something new and vibrant to the table. Yogods concentrates would be a great place to start if you fancy exploring the possibilities. They are wonderful fusions of tasty notes which deliver amazing vapes and they can be mixed with other flavours, if you are in the mood to get creative. Each Yogods concentrate gives you 30ml to work with and we are sure that your e liquids will always be fit for the gods.