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Xmax V-one Plus Wax Pen

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Xmax V-one Plus Wax PenXmax V-one Plus features a ceramic heating dish which provides very smooth , flavourful hits. The vaporization is a bit slower ...

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 Vape Kits Best Vape Kits Sub Ohm & MTL

At TMB Notes were have assembled an extensive, exciting and diverse collection of electronic cigarettes for you to choose from. Our Full Kits range features the latest equipment from the leading brands including Aspire, Geekvape, Innokin, SMOK, Uwell, Vaporesso and many more. Whether you are a beginner looking for a user-friendly vape pen or you are an experienced vaper seeking advanced functionality, you will find the perfect vape kit right here.

With so many devices to explore, it’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed, especially if you are new to vaping. Here’s what you need to know and the factors you should consider when choosing your device.

How do electronic cigarettes work?

You have a wonderful array of devices at your disposal, but all electronic cigarettes basically work in the same way. Each features a battery in a casing, an eliquid reservoir, a heating element (coil) with wicking and a mouthpiece (drip tip). The wicking soaks up eliquid and when you fire the battery, the coil heats up and vaporises the juice. You then inhale the vapour via the mouthpiece. Simples!

What is a full kit?

It is possible to purchase your battery, vape tank and vaping accessories separately. This enables you to assemble a customised e cig that perfectly suits your vaping style. However, you will need to ensure that your tank is compatible with your battery for safety reasons.

You may find that buying the individual elements is more costly than investing in a kit. Full vape kits, including starter kits, contain everything you need to vape including the mod, vape tank, mouthpiece, coils and charging cable. Most full kits also contain useful spare parts such as replacement o rings and glass. They represent excellent value and give you a tank or pod and coils that are safe to use in conjunction with the battery.

Tanks, clearomizers and pods

Until recently, the only eliquid reservoirs on the market were glass tanks and plastic clearomizers. Vape tanks screw into place, can be refilled and feature replaceable coils. When the coils reach the end of their useful lives you remove them, fit new ones and continue using your tank. With clearomizers, when the coils are done, you replace the entire units. Vape tanks vary in the vaping experience that they deliver. The nature and number of coils with which they are compatible also varies.

Pods are the new kids on the vaping block. They are fashioned from plastic and slot into place, usually via magnetic connections. Some vape pods are prefilled with eliquid and are simply discarded when the eliquid is exhausted. These offer exceptional convenience as you don’t have to concern yourself with topping up your vape juice or fitting coils. However, many pods are refillable and may also have replaceable coils. 2ml refillable pods are, therefore, the most cost-effective choices.

Pods are both leak-free and user-friendly. Pod kits (pod systems) include a pod mod and compatible pod and are ideal for beginners or as back-up devices for life on the go. Most pod vape kits are suitable for salt nicotine eliquids which could be an important factor in your choice of device.

When pod systems first appeared on the scene, they offered basic functionality and were suitable only for mouth to lung vaping. However, advanced pod kits are now available, enabling users to enjoy direct to lung draws, sub ohm vaping and a choice of coil resistances. A vape pod kit may also offer the benefit of adjustable airflow. The SMOK RPM and SMOK Nord pod kits certainly give you an impressive range of replacement coils to choose from.

Vape pens and box mods

If you decide that a pod system isn’t what you are looking for when you are switching to vaping, you should turn your attention to vape pen kits and box mod kits.

Pen style vapes are relatively compact, cylindrical devices which are good starter vapes. Box mod kits vary dramatically in size and are boxy in appearance, hence their name. Mods are simply casings for batteries with chipsets and controls that enable you to tailor your vaping experience. They keep you safe via variety of protections. These devices tend to offer more complex functionality than vape pens including variable wattage, variable voltage, temperature control and custom curve modes. Many mods incorporate screens to display your chosen settings, the status of the battery and even the number of puffs you have taken.

Mods vary considerably in their complexity. Those with advanced functionality are best suited to experienced vapers. If you are just starting out, you won’t need a 200W mod with multiple modes such as the Geekvape Aegis X. A simple vape pen or pod system with single button operation will give you relief from your cravings and flavoursome draws. When it’s time to move on to a more advanced e cig kit or to chase those clouds, you can explore new functionality one step at a time.

Sub ohm vaping

Coils with resistances of less than 1.0ohm are known as sub ohm coils. The lower their resistance, the hotter the coils get. The hotter the coils, the greater the vapour that is produced. Sub ohm coils are compatible with eliquids which are at least 60VG. It is important to remember that the increase in vapour means that you absorb more nicotine with each puff. For this reason, high VG eliquids are only available in lower nicotine strengths. Subohm vaping isn’t for everyone but if you fancy giving it a try, you will need a subohm tank or kit.

Built-in or removable batteries?

Vape mods may be powered by either built-in (integrated) batteries or removable batteries. With an integrated vape battery, your mod will have to be connected to a power source when the battery needs charging, as with your mobile phone. When the battery reaches the end of its life, you will be forced to invest in a new mod. However, integrated batteries are hassle-free and are included in the full kits.

Removable batteries are generally additional purchases when you buy full mod vape kits. You would also need to purchase a battery charger. These batteries are ideal for life out and about as when a mod battery is out of charge, you can simply remove it and install another one. There will be no need to replace your mod when the batteries die. For this reason, devices with removable batteries tend to be more expensive to purchase but better value in the long run.

Size, style and useful extras

The size and look of Full kits could be important factors to consider when choosing your device. Styling won’t impact the nature of your draws but who doesn’t love a funky gadget? Do you favour a sleek, understated ecig in black or would a multicoloured finish better suit your personal style? Size definitely matters when you are out and about and there are a few extra features with some kits which could prove useful. If you are an outdoor adventurer, look for a waterproof and shockproof electronic cigarette that you can’t easily break.

Choosing your vape kit

You will find an ecig kit that’s perfect for you. All you have to do is decide which one that is! To make the best decision, you should establish what features are important to you. It doesn’t make any sense to spend your hard-earned cash on functionality you won’t use. Do you prefer to keep things simple with a vaping starter kit or are you basically a vaping geek, yearning for an advanced vape? Is portability crucial or will you only be vaping at home? How many hours do you need the battery to last between charges and are huge clouds a must?

Our product listings give you the information you need to make the right decision. Just remember, if you don’t understand a device, it isn’t the one for you!