Cranberry and Apple High Strength Concentrate - 10ml

Cranberry and Apple High Strength Concentrate - 10ml


Cranberry and Apple Flavour Concentrate

Cranberries aren’t just for Christmas, don’t you know! Apart from creating a seasonal condiment, cranberries lend a refreshing twist to fruity cocktails, especially those of the vaping variety. Cranberry and Apple is an exceptional flavour concentrate boasting sweet and sharper notes in perfect harmony. If you appreciate a great fruity juice, this flavour should join your collection immediately.

Created to ensure that you mix amazing e liquids, our flavour concentrates guarantee authentic flavour every time. We have captured the taste of your favourite treats so you don’t have to experiment to achieve a great recipe. However, Cranberry and Apple will appeal to your creative side as well as your taste buds and could be mixed with a variety of concentrates to produce memorable and delicious fruity flavours for your tank.

Remember that this is concentrate which should be mixed with your chosen base and never vaped undiluted.

When mixing your own e liquid please note the following:

  • We recommend using 10% - 20% concentrate with your chosen base. However, tastes vary and too much flavour can be overpowering. It is best to build flavour gradually until you reach your preferred strength if you want to avoid a rotten apple.

  • Flavours can react with each other to create new background flavours or unexpected results. Make small quantities of juice initially when evolving new recipes so that you don’t waste your ingredients. Leave your mixes to steep for 1 to 2 weeks and then vape them to test the flavours. Discovering the perfect blends can be a matter of trial and error.

  • Record your recipes as you mix them so you can replicate any successful flavours.

  • Take inspiration from e liquid flavours that you have enjoyed vaping before and then build your own unique formulas.

  • Make use of an e liquid mixing calculator to help you correctly formulate your recipes.

Mixing your own liquid is both fascinating and rewarding but can seem daunting. If you feel unsure about anything would appreciate a little help, then please do call our expert team on 0121 293 1451 or email us at

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