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My Introduction To Vaping

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Here's introducting our new blogger Chris!

He's an active Planet of the vapes forum member with a weath of experience!

I was wondering where a good place to start this first blog would be, and then it just occurred to me it starts with one question, what does vaping mean to me? A simple question but ask enough people you will get a whole series of different answers. Me? It represents something that is more than just a hobby, it represents being a part of something much bigger than I am yet still feel a part all the same. I’m your average vaper sure, I have a Siegeli 100w and an xcube 2 with mainly a crown and cleito tanks. That is me happy, before them it was a sub box kit for 8 months. Amazingly I now vape at around 70-75 w which 6 months ago would have been madness to me, oh how things change! I recently thought about when I used to smoke and realised how much of a pain it was. I very rarely just sat and had a smoke, always going outside / to the back door and being careful of whom I smoked around. Compare to now where I can just sit and vape in my own seat, on my own couch and vape my own liquids when my order from TMBnotes has ran out Haha. It is that difference though that really struck home recently, every time I had a cigarette, I never realised I wasn’t enjoying them, I was smoking them despite that, incredible when how much more enjoyable things are now.

To be honest, I can tell you the exact dates I stopped smoking, they are actually symbolic in a way. I knew before the end I had to give up, just never broke the habit, then on 29th June, my son’s birthday, I bought my first kit. It was an evod starter set, possibly fake but it didn’t blow up so it done me Haha. The 1st July was officially the day I had my last smoke, and 2nd July I begun with the cig a likes before figuring out my evod pen wasn’t leaking, I was pouring the liquid onto the bottom and it wasn’t even open! Thinking back, I remember how excited I was buying that, with all the different flavours, a friendly shop to boot as well. I upgraded bit by bit to where I am now, a whole other story for another time sure, but the main message from it all is that for the first time in years, I was not only quitting smoking but I was excited to do it! I don’t think I ever was excited for smoking; I looked forward to having one but how much of that was avoidance on whatever I was doing before-hand, rather than joy of inhaling? Compare that to now when I can mix up a new batch of liquid or order a new liquid, it’s exciting; I get that same feeling when I first got my starter kit every time I open that new bottle, or impatiently waiting for that mix to steep. I still can’t get my head around that, waiting for pay day to be able to buy new flavours is what I was like 10 years ago waiting for the new FIFA or Mario to come out. Despite my age I feel young again, the same way I did when money was no object until it ran out. 

Going back to the question, I think I can answer that question a bit clearer now. What does vaping mean to me? I think it has become a part of me, a hobby beyond anything else. I am always interested in new devices coming out, reading up on new recipes or flavour profiles. I watch and read reviews, take part in discussions about laws and changes to the community. That is the key word here, community, because that what we are. We all share the same interests; we all started for the exact same reason that amazes me. A few million strong in this country and yet I may not know your name, or your interests but I know when it comes to the vaping community, we both agree with each other. I’m a member on two different Facebook groups which means I am inundated with people selling mods, asking DIY questions etc, vaping has took over a little bit if I am being honest. But overall the best thing about vaping for me is helping other people. Whether it is on a forum, Facebook group, a family member/friend or even just a co-worker. Being able to help others for the same reasons is just amazing, and I have seen so much generosity and so much good will on one site alone that it is just incredible to see that between people who know each other by a username only. But that is what vaping is to me, the community, and I am proud to be a part of it. 

Keep it cloudy guys.

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15/05/2016, 09:03:57 AM,

I find it so hard to give up smoking

16/05/2016, 08:17:21 AM

I too thought that after 34 years of smoking I would never give up until on 5th July 2015 I had a massive heart attack, I stopped that day and turned to vaping,I haven't looked back since. I use 3mg and 0mg eliquids now. You CAN give up and with vaping it is so much easier to do, try to steer clear of the tobacco flavours, vary the flavours you vape. It has now been over 10 months for me and I couldn't be happier, it tastes better and you smell better too, no more smelling of stale smoke. Give it a go for yours and your family's health.

Michael Gough:
18/05/2016, 01:47:46 PM

Perhaps you're trying to hard? I never made a conscience decision to stop smoking as such. I did realise that I was coughing far too much, and that it was also costing me a lot of money to cough too much. I vaped and smoked side by side, and gradually as the interest in vaping, and all things vaping grew so my dependence on Golden Virginia diminished. I personally think, the hardest thing coming to terms with, at first is trying to relate vaping to smoking. Like asking oneself, "how do I know when I've smoked a cigarette?". Then after I while I realised about the only things they had in common was 1) they both go in the mouth and 2) they both satisfy the craving for nicotine. I can remember thinking, "I've only had two fags today", then it I'd try working out how many it was over the week. The actual day I had my last cigarette, I absolutely have no idea at all. I will also reiterate Ian's comment about staying away from the tobacco flavours, don't look for that one "Brand" of flavour you are used to, vary it. Also don't shy away from flavours that on paper you may not like the look of. Those flavours are sold, for one reason, and it's not to make the shelves look nice! Someone likes them, that someone could be you. One other thing Maureen, I've also realised that fabric conditioner smells far nicer than stale cigarette smoke! Wishing you well on your quest.

15/05/2016, 09:03:58 AM

I find it so hard to give up smoking

15/05/2016, 09:03:59 AM,

I find it so hard to give up smoking

Deb West:
19/05/2016, 09:45:42 AM

Are there only 10 flavours from this company? I've been valine for 5 years now...I would never touch a ciggy ever again! Love all the flavours and the hit from valine! !

Debbie Huddleston:
06/06/2016, 12:59:22 PM

Hi how do I get my free 10ml liquid I got an email saying I won the giveaway . I don't know how to calm my prize of e liquid

TMB Notes:
23/06/2016, 05:39:19 AM

Hi we are still processing free samples giveaway, should be with you in the next 2 weeks

Iris Tilley:
07/06/2016, 03:58:14 AM

Are these nicotine free Thanks

TMB Notes:
23/06/2016, 05:42:12 AM

Hi the zero mg are nicotine free

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