Top 10 concentrates for beginners to DIY

Giving you endless choices, DIY e liquids lend variety to your vaping life while saving you money. Better still, you can choose your base liquid ratios and nicotine strengths. You don’t need to be an advanced chemist as mixing is straightforward. There are just a few ingredients to invest in and you can take advantage of an e liquid calculator to fine tune your recipes.

The really good news is that our flavour concentrates take the trial and error out of creating amazing vape juice. So, what are you waiting for?

Getting started with DIY E liquids

Regardless of the flavours that you wish to craft, there a few essentials DIY supplies and ingredients that you will need:

Vape juice bottles – our range features bottles with capacities of 10ml – 120ml, including Chubby Gorillas.

Syringes – for measuring and dispensing your ingredients.

Gloves – disposable gloves keep your hands clean and shielded from irritating nicotine.

Labels – stock up on blank sticky labels to identify your flavours.

Base liquid – for simplicity, choose one of our premix bases which are available in a variety of VG/PG ratios. Alternatively, invest in both VG and PG to create your own base.

Nicotine shots – if you need your fix, nic shots are a must. Our range includes both freebase and salt nicotine shots. However, our premixed nicotine bases provide both your base liquid and your nicotine shots in one handy package.

Flavour concentrates – you have an enormous choice of flavours and these can be combined to create limitless recipes. But experimentation will be required to perfect the taste of your finished juice. To ensure success, we have done the hard work for you by crafting an exciting array of tasty premixed flavours.

Mixing your vape juice

Mixing your e liquids is easy as pie! You will soon get the hang of things by following these simple steps:

1. Decide which base liquid ratio and nicotine strength you are aiming for.
2. Check your flavour concentrate to discover the recommended concentration to use.
3. Choose the quantity of juice you wish to make.
4. Use a DIY e liquid calculator to establish the right recipe. Calculators are available online or as downloads for your desktop or smartphone.
5. Add your ingredients to your bottle in the proportions indicated by the calculator.
6. Put the cap on and shake the bottle for 2 minutes.
7. Label your bottle
8. Steep your juice – flavours need time to settle and develop. Steeping times vary according to the nature of the flavour.

Ten fabulous flavours for beginners

With so many flavour concentrates at your disposal, it can be tricky to decide which you should try. We would like to recommend ten tasty choices from our range which are ideal if you are new to mixing vape juice. There’s something to please all vaping palates in our top ten and you can look forward to a truly satisfying vaping experience.

Blue slush

Flavour: Chilly and wonderfully refreshing blueberry and raspberry blend

Recommended concentration: 15%

Steeping time: Fine on day three, shines after a week

Fruit pastille

Flavour: Sweet, tangy and fruity confectionery flavour

Recommended concentration: 15%

Steeping time: Fine on day one, shines after a week

Ice mint

Flavour: Intense and sub-zero minty marvel

Recommended concentration: 10%

Steeping time: Fine on day 1, good to go right away

Blackcurrant menthol

Flavour: Juicy fruit backed by cooling menthol

Recommended concentration: 10%

Steeping time: Ffine on day 1, good to go right away

Gus Fring

Flavour: Menthol, peaches and berries, perfectly blended

Recommended concentration: 7.5%

Steeping time: Fine on day 1, good to go right away

Black Jack

Flavour: Sweet aniseed treat just like the chews

Recommended concentration: 10%

Steeping time: Fine on day 4, gets better at 2 weeks

Tropical Slush

Flavour: Exotic fruit cocktail, suitably chilled

Recommended concentration: 15%

Steeping time: Fine on day 3, amazing after a week

Custard High Strength

Flavour: Indulgent and creamy vanilla custard

Recommended concentration: 4%

Steeping time: Fine on day 5, amazing after 2 weeks

Pancake Guy/Mayple

Flavour: Pancakes, maple syrup, strawberries and cream/maple syrup

Recommended concentration: 15% Pancake guy or 5% Mayple

Steeping time: Fine on day 4, incredible after 2 weeks

Lemon Bazillions

Flavour: Citrus candy with fizz

Recommended concentration: 15%

Steeping time: Fine on day 3, great after a week

DIY E Liquids have never been so easy! You will find everything you need to mix the finest juice here at TMBnotes. There’s a whole new world of flavour to discover and there is no limit to what you can achieve.