Salt Nicotine v Freebase Nicotine

It’s incredible how quickly the world of vaping has moved forward since the invention of the first electronic cigarette. Gone are the days when vaping meant investing in a simple cig-a-like device with tobacco or menthol cartridges. These days, you have a wonderful array of equipment and flavours at your disposal.

As most people have turned to vaping because they want to quit smoking, the nicotine content of e liquids has always been important. But for many years, manufacturers focussed only on nicotine strength, not the nature of the nicotine. It was inevitable that eventually, they would explore new possibilities.

Entrance salt nicotine, which has proved to be a massive hit with vapers. Nic salts e liquids are all the rage.

But what exactly is salt nicotine?

All about freebase nicotine

Conventional nicotine, AKA freebase nicotine, is the purest form of the addictive chemical. It was a feature of e liquids from the very beginning. It is the form of nicotine used in replacement therapies such as those horrible patches that irritate your skin and the chewing gums that make you gag.

You might think that the purest form of nicotine would be the best choice. However, freebase nicotine is highly alkaline which means it is harsh on the throat. You might find yourself taking fewer puffs that you really need to satisfy your craving because the vape juice is irritating your throat.

The science of salt

Salt nicotine is different and to appreciate why, you need to understand the science. But don’t worry, you don’t need a degree in chemistry because salt nicotine isn’t that complicated.

Nicotine salts are basically identical to the nicotine that is found in tobacco leaves. But in its natural state, this type of nicotine isn’t readily absorbed and would need to be vaped at ridiculously high temperatures. When manufacturers began exploring the potential of salt nicotine, it was obvious that it would need to be modified, if it was going to help vapers.

The solution to the problem was benzoic acid. This creates an acidic form of nicotine which delivers smoother throat hits. It also ensures that that eliquids can be vaped at lower temperatures and with higher concentrations of nicotine.

In other words, salt nicotine is a great choice of you have recently quit smoking. It enables you to take as many puffs as you wish without irritating your throat. Better still, it lends itself to the low wattage devices that new vapers tend to use.

A dose of salts

There are many benefits to nic salts which demand your attention. If you have found that vaping irritates your throat, salt nicotine e liquids could be the answer. You will certainly appreciate the smoother hits. You might also find that you can enjoy certain flavours that you couldn’t vape before such as menthol. Menthol tends to be very harsh on your throat but the nic salts could help.

Freebase nicotine impacts the flavour of e liquids, but salt nicotine does not. Nic salt vape juices give you purer flavour. This is definitely something to bear in mind if you mix your own e liquids.

Nic salts might even save you money. Powerful and advanced vape mods are costly. But with salt nicotine, you can get the satisfaction you need with an inexpensive vape pen or pod kit.

It is also important to note that salt nicotine is absorbed quickly into your body and so provides the immediate satisfaction that you experience with a traditional cigarette.

A dose of salts could make all the difference.

Are nic salts right for you?

If you favour simplicity and vapes which mimic the experience of smoking, nic salt e liquids could work well for you. However, if you enjoy using complex devices and don’t require a serious nicotine hit, then you might be better off sticking to your sub ohm kit.

With nic salts, you will be restricted to vape pens and entry level starter kits. A nicotine overdose is a possibility if nic salts are vaped rapidly or used in high wattage, sub-ohm devices. For this reason, nic salt e liquids tend to feature bases which are at least 50PG and suitable for entry level e cigs. By choosing salt nicotine, you will be saying goodbye to impressive clouds.

Salt nicotine is a relatively new innovation, but one which has met with immediate success. If you require a significant hit, Nic Salts could be the way forward. There’s only one way to find out!