How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

Did you know that you can make your own hand sanitizer using vegetable glycerine (VG)?

The Coronavirus outbreak has seen people clearing supermarket shelves of hand sanitizer. Some supermarkets have been forced to ration supplies.

Government advice suggests that one of the best ways to avoid being infected with Coronavirus is to clean your hands regularly. Of course, cleaning your hands regularly has always been a good idea. But there is nothing quite like a potentially lethal pandemic to get us all doing the right thing!

Our best intentions could come to nothing if there’s a sanitizer famine. Homemade sanitizer is the obvious solution and it’s easy to make.

So, how do you create your own sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer recipe

All sanitizer recipes should feature rubbing alcohol as it is this which kills the germs. The trouble is, alcohol dries out your skin and can cause cracking. For this reason, you need to include a moisturising ingredient, and this would traditionally be aloe vera. However, you can use vegetable glycerine instead or a combination of both.

A simple recipe of 25% rubbing alcohol and 75% VG will clean your hands but will not kill germs. If you are looking to kill Coronavirus and other nasties, you need a rubbing alcohol concentration of 60%. Add a few drops of essential oil to give your sanitizer a pleasing aroma.

It is important to measure your ingredients carefully as sanitizer with too little alcohol won’t be effective. On the other hand, if you add too much alcohol, your recipe will be overly harsh on your skin.

When should you use hand sanitizer?

The experts say that when you are at home, it is perfectly sufficient to clean your hands with soap and water. Hand sanitizer provides a convenient way to clean your hands when soap and water don’t happen to be available. While these solutions are effective at killing germs, they are not so efficient at removing dirt. You may still need to wash your hands when you have the opportunity to remove stubborn grime.

How does hand sanitizer work?

Rubbing alcohol features ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol or both. The alcohol kills bacteria and viruses on your hands. Alcohols have long been known to kill germs by denaturing the protective outer proteins of microbes and dissolving their membranes.

How to use hand sanitizer

If you don’t use hand sanitizer properly, you won’t eliminate all of the germs on your skin. Remove any rings before cleaning your hands. Squeeze a generous amount of sanitizer onto one of your palms. An amount the size of a 10p piece is ideal. Rub your hands together and then use the palm of one hand to rub the gel into the back of the other hand and between your fingers. Repeat the process with your other hand. Keep rubbing until your hands feel dry. This will take up to 30 seconds. Finally, clean your rings before replacing them on your fingers.

Stock up on your VG

Who would have thought that hand sanitizer would be such big news? Coronavirus or no Coronavirus, sanitizer will always come in handy and making your own could save you money. Better still, essential oils enable you to create a recipe with an appealing aroma. Stock up on vegetable glycerine to ensure that you will always have the sanitizer that you need!