Calling the Shots - What Are Nicotine Shots And How Should They Be Used?

What Are Nicotine Shots And How Should They Be Used?

The European Tobacco Directive (TPD) introduced new regulations concerning the manufacture and sale of e-liquids. When the TPD came into force, it became necessary for all e liquids containing nicotine to be tested. In addition, e liquids containing nicotine could only be sold in volumes of 10ml or less.

The new regulations threatened innovation and the very future of many vape juice manufacturers. It became incredibly costly to introduce new flavours and even to ensure that existing flavours were TPD compliant. It seemed likely that vapers would have fewer products to choose from moving forward. To make matters worse, they would now be restricted to purchasing their juice in 10ml bottles.

Happily, manufacturers managed to sidestep the regulations by introducing nicotine-free flavours in short fill bottles. Vapers could buy their e liquids in larger volumes and simply add the nicotine themselves. It should come as no surprise that short fills met with immediate success and that DIY e liquids rose in popularity.

Here’s everything you need to know about nic shots, if you would like to invest in short fill e-liquids or mix your own flavours.

What are Nic Shots?

Nic shots are 10ml, TPD compliant bottles of unflavoured base featuring prescribed amounts of nicotine. These can be added to nicotine-free e liquids to create the perfect flavours for your tank or pod. Short fill bottles are incredibly convenient as afford room to add your Nicotine Shots before shaking and vaping.

Warning Shots

Nicotine shots are available in a variety of strengths. It is important to note that adding a nic shot to a short fill or DIY e liquid will dilute the nicotine strength. If you add a 10ml shot with a nicotine strength of 18mg to 50ml of e liquid, your finished juice will boast a nicotine strength of just 3mg. Nicotine shots are available in strengths of 9mg, 15mg, 18mg and 20mg.

You might be wondering about the impact of nic shots on your base liquid ratio. After all, if you are a sub ohm vaper looking for incredible clouds, you won’t want to reduce the VG ratio of your e-liquid. Fortunately, nic shots are available with 50VG, 70VG and 100VG bases, enabling you to maintain your VG ratio.

Giving It Your Best Shot

You may need to utilise an e-liquid calculator when mixing your e liquids, to ensure that you achieve your desired nicotine strengths and VG ratios. Calculators are available online and are very easy to use. Once you have evolved the right recipes, save them for future use. Mixing your juice doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark!

Long Shots

Adding a nic shot to even a large volume of e liquid will dilute its flavour. This isn’t an issue with short fills. The flavour concentrations will be higher than in the 0mg versions of the same flavours that are not intended for use with nic shots. You can invest in larger bottles of your favourite e-liquids without sacrificing the strength of flavour.

When mixing your DIY e liquids, you will be using flavour concentrates. Tastes vary and so you may have to experiment to discover the right amount of concentrate to feature in your juice. This means that it is crucial to record your recipe, once you have nailed the taste.

Types Of Nicotine Shot

You can choose nic shots featuring either freebase nicotine or salt nicotine. Nic salts give you both smoother throat hits and quicker nicotine absorption for immediate satisfaction. Salts also tend to deliver purer flavour and are ideal for low-wattage vaping. But you may prefer the more noticeable throat hit of the usual freebase nicotine. Salt nicotine is certainly worth considering. You may have to experience both types of nicotine shot to discover which hits the spot. Our blog features a post dedicated nicotine and discusses your choices in greater detail.

Getting Fired Up About Shots

Nic shots have proved to be vaping game changers. Not only can DIY enthusiasts evolve their perfect e liquids, all vapers can now purchase their favourite flavours in sensible quantities and simply add the nicotine they need. If you haven’t tried short fills or mixing your own juice before, we hope that you now have the confidence to get mixing, shaking and vaping.