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Darron Ellis,  growing instagram poster. 

Active part of the vaping community and a very loyal customer

IG: That_Vaper_Dude


Up to 4 months ago I was smoking around 30 roll ups a day. I decided to try a vape to help me give up. I firstly was shopping locally and paying  £4.99 for 10ml of liquid, not happy with the price or choice of flavours I started to look around. All i knew is that I wanted my liquid to be made in the UK.


I found TMBNotes after looking on EBay but as I wanted some nicotine I checked out their website. I was pleased to see the choice of flavours and nicotine strengths were more to my taste. 


Before ordering I had some questions about what pg/vg mix to use for my cloud chasing and the tank I was using. The guy at the end of the phone was more than happy to help and answered all my questions in a very approachable manner.

I placed my first order of Queen Jellybean 6mg and was happy I'd be getting 3 times the amount I was from my local shop for the same price. I ordered before 1pm and it arrived next day. 



I loaded up my tank and was amazed by the flavour and clouds I was getting, its exactly what they said it was and what I was looking for.

I was so happy with the product and service I wanted others to know about it, it was at this point I decided to start an Instagram page dedicated to vaping. My first post was of my mod and tank closely followed by the Queen Jellybean ejuice. 


I got a good response from this post so started reviewing all my purchases, I now have nearly 2000 followers and am lucky enough to get sent a few eliquids to review. This being said I always keep a stock of TMBNotes liquids and they are my regular vape. 

I'm particularly partial to Pink Lemonade, Blue Slush and Queen Jellybean. All of which satisfy my sweet tooth and give me huge clouds. I've tried nearly all their range and can't say a bad word about any of them. Top quality liquids with a top quality service. 



I wrote this blog to once again share the love and let others know. Their range covers all tastes and is always growing.

Whether your a new to vaping or have been at it a while, the guys at TMBNotes will sort you out. 




I decided to get into Instagram to connect with other vapers, share my thoughts and listen to theirs on eliquids, mods, tank and stockists. I live alone so nice to havesome company and chat with people who have the same lifestyle as me.


I only got into taking pictures because of Instagram, it's now become a hobby of mine. I really enjoy looking for locations and taking the snaps. Most of my pics are taken on my IPhone 5, the quality and convenience both work for me.


My vaping equipment have grown over a few months, I started off with an Evic vt 80w mod and the totally wicked sub mega tank. I now own two evics and 8 sub mega tanks as got on so well with them. I've also purchased an Eleaf iStick 100w and an Ijoy lux 215w,the power and battery life on the ijoy is amazing and will see me into the future. To go with these more powerful mods I have the Smok tfv4 and tfv8.


To test the liquids I get sent or purchase I mainly use my old faithful totally wicked sub mega tanks. I get great flavour and satisfying clouds from these, the coils are cheap and reliable so I can switch them about depending on the liquid I'm vaping. I sometimes go onto the Smok tanks but only if I have a good supply to keep up with their thirst for juice.

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