TPD Tobacco Products Directive What does it mean?

04/07/2016 7 Comment(s)

Once again we have Chris Ashton's Take on the TPD as a regular vaper here is his opinion!


Hello fellow vapers.



This time I thought I would write about something which has been on the lips of many MANY vapers across Europe but not all of you may know what it is, or what it means for you. That wonderful abbreviation, the TPD.


What is the TPD you ask? It stands for the Tobacco product directive, which straight away shows you why vapers are so against it. That word, tobacco, the one we have all given up and threw in the bin, yet here is the EU no less making directives which includes products which are clearly not made out of tobacco in any way. Essentially it is a list of directives proposed by EU members which would govern how both tobacco and electronic products on the market. The thing is a big booklet of things which most of it would bore you or me but it is the specific E cigarette part that sticks out for the community. To be honest I hate that term, ‘e-cigarette’. Horrible term, shame we can’t call them Evapes or something along those lines. Sorry, I’m digressing here haha. The TPD then, this is what it means in general sense.


Bottles and tanks to have maximum capacities.


Start off with a minor one. The TPD states all bottles will have a maximum capacity of 10 mils and tanks have a maximum of 2 mils. The bottle thing, not as much an issue but the tank thing, I can’t think of a tank I have ever owned that had anywhere near that amount. This would mean buying tanks such as subtanks, crowns, cleitos etc would not be able to be sold in the open market, meaning you would have to order them in overseas, and take the lottery of them turning up or not in a months’ time. The general thinking behind this is in case people drink it or it leaks, but 6 years of no real reported danger of drinking liquid has happened, perhaps one. Either way it is petty and a waste of time.


Liquid no Stronger than 20mg


Not a major issue this if I am being honest. The majority of people who vape normally go as high as 18mg so it isn’t very common to have anyone over this amount. That being said, limiting that option in a directive such as this would be ridiculously pointless. It closes the avenue of vaping for real heavy smokers which is an issue for the true motivation behind vaping being championed.


Childproof locks on tanks and bottles


Again this is just a simple thing that is thrown in for the sake of it. All the bottles ship with childproof locks anyway, hell one bottle brand I bought I struggled to get it off never mind my children! So that is already in action because people who sell the liquid have common sense. The tank thing again is just going too far I believe. I know kanga recently brought a tank out called CPL or CPT which was essentially that, child proof lock tank. However this impacts on design of tanks for us grownups and some of the stellar progression from some companies such as UWELL and Aspire would be halted in their tracks. So worse products and less variety to be bought, simply in case your child opens your mod up.


Deliver constant levels of nicotine


I have added this in because to inform rather than speculate. As a rule your tank does this, with the long term view perhaps over variable wattage mods being affected but as far as I am aware there has been nothing mentioned on this front so far so I’ll let this point pass for now.


Everything has to be vetted before sale


Nice big one here. If you want to sell your liquid, you have to submit it to be checked, at cost, flavour by flavour to make sure it is safe. Concentrate companies are going to have to loophole the hell out of this for sure, but it will directly hit juice manufacturers because it will be too expensive to sell our own liquid. Up until now if you get a website, a quality product and enough people to buy your liquid then you could essentially start up your own business. This regulation will stop people being able to do that, killing creativity in the process. Some of the nicest liquids I have ever tasted came not from a big company but from people who created, tested and then sold because of demand. So yeah, we should care because no more random finds, you have what you have and only if they can afford to vet every single part of their range.


No promotion of vaping at all.


And finally we are at the wonderful footnote of the TPD. No promotion of the industry, to prevent young people getting into vaping. So no radio, TV, internet, nothing. Let me tell you what that really means, it will be illegal for you to talk about it on a forum, or on Facebook. It will be illegal to have a vaping video, illegal to have a vape meet, illegal to basically stop someone smoking to switch to the alternative. Yes, hopefully don’t talk about it and it all goes away. Hell this blog would be technically illegal, that is how bad it will be.


So yeah, pretty much you can hopefully see why the community is fighting tooth and nail to get rid of this directive because it clearly is being driven with hidden agendas. Pushing the market into an area ready for the pharmaceutical companies and tobacco companies to swoop in and profit. It will commit many people to death because they do not have access to the best anti-smoking aid not driven by billionaires in their ivory towers. So this is why so many people fight, it isn’t for the sub ohmers or the cloud chasers. It isn’t for the collectors or the profiteers. It isn’t for people who have formed this community even. It is for every single person who has not given up smoking yet. It is for every single person who wants to quit but want an easier way to do it. This is for every single person who will be blocked from getting that second chance in life that the government will happy sign off as another statistic. The TPD does not affect me, but it affects them, friends, family, everyone who picks up a smoke now who could be picking up a vape pen or mod.


So if you feel strongly about it then contact local MPS, get the voice heard as much as you can, sign petitions and promote them and simply make as much noise as you can, we can beat this TOGETHER. Together we are a million voices, we just need to open our mouths.



Keep it cloudy people.   

7 Comment(s)

Tania D'Avola:
13/08/2016, 12:10:15 AM

Beautifully put. So there is no democracy. We really must speak up against TPD. . OMG!

Andy Scarborough:
22/08/2016, 04:53:23 AM

Just another EU directive that our Government wasn't going to let the British public aware of...... Wait a moment.. As UK voted 'out' surely this directive is now void?

Gary Mcgregor:
10/09/2016, 07:50:38 AM

We as Brexiters Do Not have any legal or other reasons to comply with any eu directives.. We are a Democracy in our own Country with our own laws and Government. Why would we even listen to any if the political babblings that come from unelected unrouchables who have stolen power and are actually part if an ILLEGAL POLITICAL EXPERIMENT THAT WAS AN AGREEMENT BETWEEN FRANCE AND GERMANY AS REPARATION FROM THE GERMANS FOR INVADING FRANCE AND MURDERING ITS PEOPLE IN THE 2nd WORLD WAR

Rob Haynes:
28/11/2016, 07:03:37 AM

I just wonder how much money has been wasted on deciding the outline of this pointless directive. The mind boggles. There again I wonder how much money has flowed the other way in brown paper bags from the tobacco companies.........just like FIFA the EU is corrupt and hopefully coming to an end soon

Robert Dove:
18/02/2017, 05:34:13 AM

This has made me understand more about it the question I have is I use the tvf8 cloud beast can I still get could for it ? And I make my own liquid will I still be able to get the vg/pg with nicotine already mixed in ?

tim wiseman:
16/04/2017, 08:02:07 PM

Rob all ingredients are used for other things so they have not and can't stop you buying or them being sold as normal. The only one affected is nicotine which will only be allowed to be sold for vaping purposes at a max strength of 20mg in 10 ml bottles. So this is all the diy vaping sites can sell you but stronger nicotine in general isn't affected just harder to get if you contact the alchemists cupard who sell pg vg concentrates etc and will continue to as normal (apart from nicotine as mentioned) they will give you there sister company website link nicotine uk where they will still sell nicotine up to 72mg as normal because it's not a vaping site thats legal they don't ask questions you don't tell them it's for vaping (ask no questions tell no lies) you get you're nicotine they get there money everyone's happy f**k the eu.(not worthy of capitals)

tim wiseman:
16/04/2017, 08:08:20 PM

The other option is to do what i am doing got a couple of extra bottles(you can freeze them) and planning to slowly decrease amount of nicotine till only having about 1mg and then when nicotine runs out vape nicotine free going from 1 mg to 0 should be not too difficult.

01/04/2017, 04:04:48 PM

I knew I voted to leave the EU for a good pile of reasons , this being one. Thankyou Chris.

22/07/2019, 05:45:45 PM

I totally agree with everyone's comments above. Including the eu one! However, this is a case of "We're OK Jack", what about those that haven switched over yet? In my personal opinion, if those that still smoke, see or taste these rubbish things that BAT et al produce, then they are going to fail like I first did at giving up. They didn't work for me because they didn't remotely taste like 30-40 Red Marlboro a day and didn't produce the hit I wanted when I wanted it. It was only when I moved over to "proper" vaping kit that I managed to change overnight from the said Red Marlboro to my loyal tank and mod, with the right taste and hit to it, that I began to even think about lowering my Nicotine %. Although according to my Doctor I am now counted as a non-smoker because inhaling nicotine does you no harm at all! This is all really bad news for a lot of folks who haven't given up smoking yet and also for those who are vaping happily now if you read the very well written article above carefully. Folks like TMB Notes should be pushed to the front in TV Advertising along with strong messages about actually how easy it is to give up, if you have the right juice, hit etc. from a proper vape. Not surrounded in so much foreign legislation and red tape that shouldn't apply to us anyway. Don't think it will stay in the eu! If the government of the day in the UK carries on like it did when BAT used to sponsor motor racing etc. there will be backhanders flying everywhere! I am afraid for the future of vaping because it works and works well and if the government sees it makes us happy, they are going to find a way to tax it...... WE SHOULD LIST|EN CAREFULLY to the very well written article above IMHO. Trev.

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