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24/06/2016 6 Comment(s)

Hello all, my next entry I think is something which is quite a large part of my vaping life now, DIY liquid. Going back 12 months ago, I was happily buying all my liquid pre made and I never saw the downside of it, cheaper than smoking certainly unless you have to have the most premium of premium liquids. In my experience though, it is never worth paying sky high prices for liquids. This is why websites such as TMB notes are a godsend for me, cheap liquid easily available. Admittedly I have bought cheap liquid and I have bought expensive and the difference between them is not much. The more expensive ones promote a range of flavours that sound like a perfume sometimes, sweet caramel drenched in fluffy marshmallows with a hint of French vanilla cascading though……you get the drift. I have only ever vaped one liquid in my experience that was expensive but easily better than most I have ever had. Bought it half price and the bottle was itself pretentious but admittedly I thought it was the first expensive flavour I have ever had, and probably since. Was it worth the price I paid for it? Certainly not the price I should have paid for it at the very least! But yeah, whoever has ever thought about how hard it can be to make such nice liquids? The answer……Well I can do it!

The easiest thing in the world regarding vaping is making liquid. All you need as a basics is the glycerine, nicotine if required and of course your flavours. Now making your 20-30 pound ‘premium’ flavours are not for the new starters but then I don’t expect to be making fine art when I buy paint by numbers set. Once you start however, you will wonder why you never thought of it before. Here is how I do it, what you will need to have is;

· Empty bottle(s)

· Plastic syringe with a small tip for bottles or 100 mil syringe for larger quantities and a separate 10/20 mil syringe for your nicotine.

· Access to a computer/phone

· Small/ Big bowl depending on quantity wanted

· Something to mix with.

Basically, before you begin you want to know what you are making and what amounts you want. This is where the phone comes into it or computer, use a vaping calculator, many out there and all do a similar job. You put in how much nicotine strength, what ratio and it will spit back exact numbers for even a beginner to follow. To explain the numbers simply I will talk in regards to making 100 mils of liquid. First of all you want the ratio how liquid to be how you prefer it. So say 60vg (my preference) is what you want. That would be 60 mils of Vg, and 40mils of PG. You then factor in the concentrates and how much PG they take away from that 40 as they are made in PG, and nicotine as well. Once you take those numbers away then what is left is your amounts of glycerine in general to finish it off with. Put the amounts in, mix it together and there you go, ready-made liquid for a fraction of the cost. But certainly use a calculator; it does the hardest job for you in an instant. Research what flavours you want as well, depending on type or brand, they require more or less of it. Plenty of info out there just ask.

One you get your amounts in front of you, use the syringe to measure it out in the bottle or bowl and once all parts are in there, just mix it together. I know I make it sound easy but it really is, the key part is simply buying the kits or the supplies and just having a go yourself. A few key things to pick up on though, before you rush out to buy your supplies. Call them rules if you will.

1. Nicotine is VERY dangerous. Do not get it on your skin, ingest it or anything else. Use gloves, keep a separate syringe for it, and store it away from everything else. Wash hands after use, the usual stuff. 

2. Once you make your liquids you want them to steep. This means the flavour has to settle and strengthen and this time frame depends on what you use. Fruits? Few days and good to go, desserts? Around 4 weeks, custards? 8 weeks plus. No point in making a nice liquid if you vape it 4 weeks before you get the benefit of it is there?

3. Always stick to numbers. Never go off on one at the start thinking you know better because you don’t. I ignored advice given to me not too long ago and ended up with around 600 mils of liquid that is still sat there today. 

4. Make sure your area is clean you mix it in. You don’t have to be in a lab to make your liquid, just give the work surfaces a wipe before you go, nothing can get in there and ruin your work. I had a moth in a bottle of liquid once, yeah it didn’t taste very nice afterwards when I realised.

5. Finally make use of cheats all you want. There is something out there called one shots, these are basically your flavour in a bottle. No mixing different flavours, you want apple and pear, it will be apple and pear. Keep it very simple and there you go. Look on this site, you will find a lot of your flavours in a concentrate version, which is the same thing. Even look around for bases, which will give you your base and nicotine mixed together. Again perfect for a beginner. 

Hopefully there is some good advice in all of that for beginners and if it encourages one of you to start then fantastic. I was once like you, never thought about making liquids at all, until the day I started. You know what? My first attempts? Failed horribly, and I continued to make mistakes with the same bottles and it taught me valuable lessons. So do not be scared to try, I am no different to you and I succeeded, so give it a go. Get a one shot flavour, pick up some base and the other half of the liquid, shake them all up and wait a few days. If you think you are saving now, wait until you start seeing the price drops again! I made a bottle of liquid last time I had a mixing session, the flavour by itself is normally 25 pound for 30 mils right? I paid about £10 give or take and made 300 mils. Check out this site at what they have and please consider giving mixing a go. 

If you want to ask anything, please feel free to drop it into the comments below and I will be about to answer it, and as always, keep it cloudy people.

6 Comment(s)

28/07/2016, 06:20:36 AM

i was thinking of buying the 1 litre pg/vg . I use evod 510 batteries with boge catridges. It's a very simple basic setup which i like. I find using clearomisers or tanks to be a bit too "heavy" for me. Any idea what would be the best percentage to buy ? Is 50/50 % the best one ?

Tmb Notes:
28/07/2016, 07:36:28 AM

It would really depend on your personal preference but 50/50 should be fine its as much as we would go in VG ratio with that set up!

13/08/2016, 10:28:58 AM

Hi.what % of flavour is best for 80vg 20pg 3mg nicotine.I try 10,15,17,20 even 25% and still not satisfied. Any advice! Use kangertech sub tank, melo2, isub. Thanks

Ray Howard:
09/10/2016, 02:54:36 PM

Hi, Thanks for the great advise. I've just ordered my first batch of kit and ingredients to give mixing a go. Seen many vids on DIY juices but haven't found one that uses Ethyl Maltol powder to sweeten. How do I add to the mix and in what quantity? Regards Ray.

donald brown:
04/06/2017, 03:47:37 AM

Hello I have just received my omg nicotine base 80/20 1 litre,should this bottle be filled to the top as it only contains about one inch of liquid.or am I suppose to add the 40 smaller bottles of nicotine shot to it along with the concentrate. many thanks Donny.

Iain Tait:
05/06/2017, 02:49:45 PM

hi just made 500ml of parma violet n 500ml 3mg purple grape 2 days steepin an parma v is ready to rock used 10% flavour for both and wouldn't want it any stronger well recommended company but would b nice to get a voucher code with order otherwise no complaints! 1st home brew an so simple using nicotine shots etc :-)

Darron Cottrell:
21/02/2019, 10:18:03 PM, Tnbnotes

Just like to say a big thank you to tnbnotes I have been buying premix and concentrates for approx 12 months now and I've saved loads of money great to vape something that you've made yourself I mix all mine at 20% so I get a nice big flavour, I've even got tmbnotes 4 new customers as they were all impressed with my liquids I had mixed and the price, Thank you tmbnotes

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