All About Nic Salts

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All About Nic Salts

Technology has moved on, producing safer, more efficient and diverse electronic cigarettes. Better still, there’s an amazing array of e liquid flavours to enjoy. But until recently, one aspect of vaping had changed little – nicotine delivery.


What is freebase nicotine?


The purest form of a very addictive chemical, freebase nicotine has been a feature of eliquids from the very beginning. This is the form of nicotine which was also used in replacement therapies. Who could forget those annoying patches that gave you rashes not to mention the unpleasant gum that induced terrible cases of hiccups!


The problem with freebase nicotine is its high alkalinity which doesn’t particularly agree with your skin or your throat. It isn’t readily absorbed by the body either and its effects fade quickly. All of which means you have to take plenty of puffs to get the satisfaction you need. The higher the temperature you vape at, the greater the impact of the nicotine. But not everyone wants to invest in a rocket-powered mod.


There was clearly a need to address nicotine delivery and the solution has proved to be salt nicotine AKA nic salts.


What are Nic Salts?


Nic salts are identical to the nicotine which naturally occurs in tobacco leaves. The only problem is that nic salts in their natural state aren’t readily absorbed. They would have to be vaped at very high temperatures, just like freebase nicotine. The possibilities presented by nic salts were only realised when clever vaping boffins discovered that the salt nicotine can be modified by the addition of benzoic acid.


A little chemistry resulted in nicotine which gives you smoother throat hits and enables you to vape higher nicotine concentrations without irritation. Absorption is much quicker and you can vape at lower temperatures.


Do Nic Salts taste Salty?


In spite of their name, nic salts do not taste salty at all! Freebase nicotine impacts the flavour of your juice but nic salts do not. They transform only the nature of the throat hit and the level of satisfaction that you experience.


What are the other benefits of Nic Salts?


Nic salts do not represent the Holy Grail for all vapers. However, those smoother and more immediate hits could help you if you are trying to quit the cigs. Quicker absorption means that you will experience your fix in as little as six seconds, just as you did with conventional cigarettes. Better still, vapers report that the effects of nic salts are longer lasting. This is very good news if you are working in an office and can’t vape for long periods of the day.


If your equipment of choice is a low wattage vape pen or pod system, nic salts will remove the need to invest in complex or costly devices to improve your hits. In addition, Nic salts could save you money on your juice. While nic salts flavours may be slightly more expensive than freebase eliquids, the efficient nicotine delivery will enable you to take fewer puffs, reducing your eliquid consumption. Eliquids featuring nic salts are more chemically stable than those containing freebase nicotine. As the quality of the nicotine won’t degrade, the juice can be stored for longer.


Are Nic Salts right for you?


If you are an ex-smoker or are struggling to quit, you will find that nic salts more closely mimic the experience of smoking. Nic salts will also appeal if you like to keep things simple with your devices. However, if you relish your advanced sub ohm vape kit or you are a serious cloud chaser, nic salts are less than ideal. The majority of eliquids currently available feature salt nicotine strengths of 10mg or 20mg together with VG ratios of 50% or less. They have been formulated to suit low wattage devices. The smoothness and immediate absorption rate of salt nicotine means that a nicotine overdose is theoretically possible if the eliquids are vaped rapidly or used in high wattage, sub-ohm e cigs.


Nic salts are taking the vaping world by storm and it isn’t difficult to see why. If you turned to vaping in order to quit smoking, nicotine delivery is probably more important to you than any other aspect of vaping. It’s taken a while, but efficient nicotine delivery has arrived and you don’t have to sacrifice flavour or choice in order to experience the benefits.


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