5 Common Vaping Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners


Many people find vaping more attractive than walking around with a cigarette in hand. A vape pen looks less discreet than a Newport flopping from your lips.

There're common vaping mistakes you need to avoid when you're just starting out.

Many people prefer vaping to void the obnoxious smell of cigarettes. Pina colada smells better than burnt tobacco. Vaping helps smokers control their daily amount of nicotine intake.

If you're trying to quit without wasting cigarettes, vaping devices lets you decide how much to smoke.

You also have influence over your smoke cloud. No more annoying, smelly clouds of cigarette smoke in people's faces. Vape pods help you master vape cloud output, making you a courteous smoker. 

If you are able to start vaping, starting off on the right foot depends on what you don't do. Here are common vaping mistakes to avoid for beginners.

1. Vaping Mistakes: Starting Out Like a Pro

One of the first mistakes vape beginners make is choosing a device they can't handle. Not all vape mods work for newbies.

Don't go pro, go for the starter mod.

Most vape distributors have small pod system options for beginner vapers. Choose a compact device and master using it first. Learn the basics of vaping with a beginner pen then move up.

2. Not Enough Nicotine 

Starting out new doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the nicotine flavour. Newbies often mismeasure their nicotine when first starting out.

Buy the amount of e-liquid that equates to the number of cigarettes you smoked.

If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, that's a daily intake of 20 cigarettes. 20 cigs averages close to 200 to 240mg of nicotine. To match that dosage with vape, you need to start with a 15ml bottle of e-liquid. 

There's close to 18mg per ml in each bottle, which equals to around one pack of cigarettes. 

3. Buy More Than One Battery 

A plus side to vaping is you don't have to carry a pocket full of lighters. That doesn't mean you won't get caught without a charge.

Vape pens, mods, and pods need batteries. 

Newbies get so excited about doing away with lighters, they forget to charge their pens. Never leave home without a charge or an extra battery.

4. Selecting the Wrong Flavor 

There's a glazed doughnut and then there's dirt. These two don't taste the same. Remember that when you're trying to get the flavouring right on your e-liquid. 

Order from a site that has their flavours pre-mixed and ready to vape. Try more than one until you find a flavour you like. 

5. Buying a Cheap Device

When it comes to vaping, you get what you pay for. Don't settle for a cheap e-cigarette. 

Most times, low quality means subpar vaping experience. Spend the money and invest in quality vaping materials. You'll have them for a while and you get to have a quality experience. 

Start Vaping 

Switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs doesn't have to be a drag. Don't make the same vaping mistakes as others. Use these tips to create a better vaping experience for yourself. 

Want to get started? Check out our starter kits and start making the transition today.