Big CBD 60ml 1000mg CBD E-Liquids

Big CBD 60ml 1000mg CBD E-Liquids

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Introducing the finest CBD E liquids that you will find anywhere. Our exceptional flavours feature only the purest ingredients. Better still, the tasty blends you see here are boosted by hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD). If you appreciate amazing vapes and the benefits of CBD, it must be time to go large and that means treating yourself to our Big CBD E liquids. You get a generous 60ml of impressive juice for your tank and each flavour offers a CBD concentration of 1000mg.

All about CBD

Why not enjoy the benefits of CBD as you vape? Our hemp-derived CBD is wonderfully rich in antioxidants and neuroprotectants and is the second most prevalent compound in the plants of the cannabis family. However, unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not induce a high. Our CBD is extracted from naturally grown organic hemp for safety, quality and consistency. The unique extraction process ensures that phytocannabinoids, terpenes, terpenoids, and flavonoids are preserved while unwanted compounds are removed.

It’s all about that base

The delicious flavours in the BIG CBD collection boasts bases which are 60% vegetable glycerine (VG) and 40% propylene glycol (PG). VG is a common ingredient in food products offering a hint of sweetness while PG is a synthetic organic compound which readily carries flavour. The 60VG/40PG blend offers a pleasing balance of flavour and clouds for vapers.

Big on CBD, Big on Flavour

The BIG CBD menu features diverse flavours for you to enjoy. There’s something special to tempt every vaping palate from fruity, minty and dessert delicacies to minty marvels and candy treats. You will also discover the distinctive flavours of cannabis strains including Space Cake, OG Kush, Pineapple Express and Blueberry AK. Our expert flavourists have excelled themselves with this outstanding collection, enabling you to discover the ultimate satisfaction.

Black Ice - Big CBD E-Liquid

It is a black day indeed when you don’t have any great juice on hand to lift your spirits. But fear not! Because with this fine flavour the situation is completely black and white. Unique, delicious and unbelievably refreshing, Black Ice certainly won’t take you to the dark side. With a little bit of black magic courtesy of liquor ice and aniseed and a refreshing menthol finish that is as cold as ice, this e liquid is definitely a winner!

Blue Cheese - Big CBD E-Liquid

Say cheese and smile! Our Blue Cheese Big CBD is in the house! Offering all of the cannabinoids, terpenes and healthy fatty acids that you are looking for but no THC, this really is the big cheese!An indica cross between Blueberry and UK Cheese, Blue Cheese is a unique cannabis strain with the aroma of berry fruits and, you’ve guessed it, cheese!

Blue Dream - Big CBD E-Liquid

We understand your vision and no you are not daydreaming! Our cannbidiol (CBD) e liquid captures the essence of a legendary hybrid for your delectation and really delivers on flavour. If you are furrowing your brow and felling confused, Blue Dream is a cannabis hybrid which originated in California and was produced by crossing a blueberry indica with the sativa haze. We’ve captured the distinctive taste and qualities of Blue Dream in our exceptional juice featuring CBD derived not from Blue Dream, but from hemp.

Blue Slush - Big CBD E-Liquid

When you are seeking a slushy moment, but not of the romantic kind, then we have the perfect solution! Blue Slush is a fruity delight with a super-cool kick that we know you are going to love so maybe there is a touch of romance in the air after all! This fiesta of blueberries and raspberries is completed by a chilly finish but we’ve left the menthol out so the flavour of the fruit truly shines through.

Blueberry AK – Big CBD E-liquid

Featuring the distinctive taste of the Blueberry AK cannabis strain, this earthy eliquid offers both a relaxing feel and the benefits of CBD.

If you are unfamiliar with Blueberry AK, it’s a hybrid cannabis strain which combines Indica-dominantBlueberry with the legendary AK-47 and we don’t mean the rifle! The latter brings a peppery undertone to complement the berry notes and ensures that this juice provides something genuinely different for you to enjoy.

Bubblegum Bazillions - Big CBD E-Liquid

Yum and double yum! We’ve reinvented bubblegum! Bazillions Bubblegum delights with its sweet candy taste. People can’t get enough of Millions sweets!

These moreish little marvels are impossible to resist and so we felt that some new flavours to honour them were in order. Our Bazillions range features fabulous choices but don’t miss Bubblegum as this delicious juice just might surprise you. Confectionery vapes are an enticing addition to your flavour collection and this one could be your next favourite guilty pleasure!

Bubblegum OG - Big CBD E-Liquid

OMG! You have discovered the Big OG! Honouring the unique taste of a legendary strain in a

juice that is big on both volume and flavour, Bubblegum OG is not to be missed.

If you haven’t experienced Bubblegum OG then you are in for a special treat! This mostly indica strain of cannabis is renowned for its unique tangy flavour which is the result of crossing the fruity strain Bubble Gum with OG Kush. It’s a revolution that happened in the Netherlands. We have captured the unique taste and teamed it up with our outstanding hemp-derived cannabidiol to create an amazing eliquid with a raft of benefits.

Cherry Tunes - Big CBD E-Liquid

Enough to make your heart sing, the flavour of Cherry Tunes is bursting with nostalgia not to mention a delicious medley of uplifting notes.

Isn’t it amazing how certain sweets remind you instantly of your childhood? Somehow the tasty treats eventually fade from your memory, but one taste of this delicious juice will remind you just how much you enjoyed Cherry Tunes. That familiar refreshing flavour will wake up your taste buds with vibrant eucalyptus and cooling menthol backed by juicy cherries. Tunes allegedly helped you to breathe more easily. We don’t know about that, but they tasted amazing and we have reimagined the flavour to lift your vaping life.

Cola Bottles - Big CBD E-Liquid

The distinctive taste of cola bottles is a hard one to capture but we have managed it and we believe that our take on this iconic flavour is the most authentic one around. In this case, the unique flavour of those popular little sweets which no childhood would have been quite the same without. Sweet, zingy but never overpowering, this is a special flavour which takes you back to your youth. A certain soft drinks manufacturer is quite fond of telling us that you can taste the feeling and with Cola Bottles you actually can!

Custard Supreme - Big CBD E-Liquid

There are many exotic flavours to choose from but sometimes a traditional favourite is all you need. Providing a smooth all-day vape to savour, this flavour will never disappoint and is presented in cool Chubby Gorilla bottles. What’s not to like? Creamy, indulgent and incredibly moreish, our Custard Supreme flavour is hard to resist. If you enjoy sweet dessert vapes, you really cannot go wrong with this Big CBD.

Double Mint - Big CBD E-Liquid

It’s time to go large! We’ve gone big on mint and big on volume to give you the perfect CBD eliquid for your tank.

We felt that it was time to double up on the minty notes to create something really special. You get all the benefits of our hemp-derived cannabidiol and in a tasty juice which is bursting with the brightest minty notes. You will love the refreshing feel and this vibrant blend will blow away the cobwebs with every puff to leave you feeling on top of the world.

Fruit Pastilles - Big CBD E-Liquid

They used to say that it was impossible to put a fruit pastille in your mouth without chewing it. You are about to find out that you can’t put Fruit Pastille Big CBD in your tank without puffing!

This unbelievably moreish candy flavour is sure to enhance your vaping life in every possible way. It’s big on sweet fruity flavour and big on volume, so what’s not to like? You will also enjoy the benefits of our hemp-derived cannabidiol and you can choose your concentration - 1000mg. Imagine all that wonderful fruitiness and CBD in the same bottle featuring a massive 60ml of juice! Life doesn’t get any better than this!

Heisenberry - Big CBD E-Liquid

An enticing blend of berry fruits and boasting a menthol blast, Heisenberry is a memorable and moreish flavour that will keep you coming back for more! Fabulously fruity but with a chilly kick, this liquid is sure to sharpen your pencil! But why the name?

Werner Heisenberg was an eminent quantum physicist who developed the Uncertainty Principle, not that there is anything uncertain about the quality of this fine flavour! His name also became the clandestine pseudonym of Walter White in Breaking Bad which you will know, if you have watched the TV series, is all about a certain variety of illicit chemistry rather than physics, but hey! In Heisenberry, you have discovered the perfect chemistry with a superior CBD liquid fashioned from the highest quality vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG).

Ice Mint - Big CBD E-Liquid

A chilly blast of cooling menthol and mint, this sub-zero vape lifts and refreshes you every time. Trust us, this one is pure perfection and will leave your palate in mint condition. If you want to freshen up or to enjoy a great all-day vape, Ice Mint offers plenty to please. When only marvellous mint will do, this is the flavour that you won’t to be without.

Lemon Bazillions - Big CBD E-Liquid

Providing a tangy citrus treat to savour, Lemon Bazillions will dazzle your taste buds and delivers a memorable vaping experience.

Millions sweets have taken the world by storm and so it was only right that we honoured these zappy little treasures in a delicious juice! Bright citrus notes are partnered with sweet candy to create a vibrant vape with a liberal dose of fizz. There are trillions or even Bazillions of reasons to treat yourself to this flavour and once you have tried it, we are sure you will be back for more. All we can say is that you would be a lemon not to top up your tank immediately!

Lemon Drizzle Cake - Big CBD E-Liquid

A favourite treat is reimagined in a sumptuous flavour that we know you will love. Afternoon tea will never be the same again!

Conjuring thoughts of lazy afternoons with a cuppa and a generous wedge of great cake, this juice captures the taste of a true classic. You can’t beat a slice of Lemon Drizzle Cake unless, that is, you happen to have the perfect CBD e liquid! You get all of the benefits of our hemp-derived cannabidiol with the considerable bonus of indulgent sponge not to mention those gorgeous sweet citrus notes. There are no calories to expand your waistline and so you can freely indulge without the nagging guilt!

OG Kush - Big CBD E-Liquid

Honouring a legendary cannabis strain and certainly going large, OG Kush Big CBD delivers impressive flavour and the benefits of our finest cannabidiol.

This huge 60ml helping of premium juice features the fabulous flavour of OG Kush. First propagated in sunny Florida, OG Kush later took a trip to California where it soon acquired iconic status. The earthy pine taste and lemon scent truly sets it apart and we have nailed the flavour in this uplifting eliquid. The flavour will blow you away and then there’s that hemp-derived CBD! But that isn’t the end of the story.

Pancake Guy - Big CBD E-Liquid

Some flavour blends are quite simply a marriage made in heaven. That is certainly true of pancakes and maple syrup. But why stop there?

We’ve added the taste of strawberries and whipped cream to create the perfect treat. Pancake Guy is an irresistible flavour that you will enjoy all day and every day with its gorgeous blend of buttery, sweet, smooth and fruity notes. It is one Flavour Jar that you should always have to hand!

Pineapple Express – Big CBD E-liquid

It’s time to jump aboard the Pineapple Express! Boasting a unique flavour, courtesy of cannabis terpenes together with the benefits of hemp-derived CBD, this juice will keep you on track every day.

You may not have sampled the delights of Pineapple Express, a cannabis hybrid of distinction. Notable for pineapple, pine and cedar notes, it fuses the attributes of the parent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. But there are no wrecks here as we have crafted this Big CBD flavour from premium ingredients including the finest hemp-derived cannabidiol.

Rybeno - Big CBD E-Liquid

If currant affairs are your thing, you are in the right place! Our latest triumph and simply bursting with the juiciest berries, Rybeno is a blackcurrant drink delight. Delicious fruity sweetness to create a memorable and full-bodied vape.

Space Cake – Big CBD E-liquid

A satisfying treat from a galaxy not so far, far away, Space Cake Big CBD features the earthy taste of cannabis terpenes together with the finest hemp-derived CBD. Now there’s a combo which is not to be missed!

There’s nothing quite like space cakes but you can forego the baking with our impressive Big CBD tribute. Those distinctive cannabis terpenes are the perfect partners for the sweeter notes which transform this recipe into a vaping delicacy. Made in the UK and so very much of this planet, Space Cake features premium ingredients and a 60VG base.

Super Lemon Haze - Big CBD E-Liquid

Showcasing the unique flavour of a popular cannabis strain, Super Lemon Haze offers the benefits of CBD and a touch of the wow factor.

We’ve perfectly captured the flavour of Super Lemon Haze and bottled it for you! A hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze, this cannabis strain boasts a zesty flavour with citrus notes and hints of sweetness which we think you will appreciate. Partnered with our hemp-derived cannabidiol, it’s a fusion of notes which delivers uplifting and yet calming vapes to savour. Better still, the base is 60VG and so you can expect impressive clouds.

Zkittles – Big CBD E-liquid

Tripping across your palate with oodles of zing, Zkittles delivers both vibrant flavour and the benefits of CBD.

No prizes for guessing which sweets this flavour honours and it is just as moreish as those colourful candy treats. We’ve captured the taste perfectly to excite your taste buds but there’s much more to this impressive juice than the distinctive flavour. Made in the UK from premium ingredients, it features the finest hemp-derived CBD and boasts a generous concentration of 1000mg. Better still, the 60VG base guarantees amazing clouds. It’s hard to imagine anything better and so we recommend that you top up your tank immediately!

Our Big CBD eliquids are huge on flavour and you get a fabulous 60ml of juice for your tank. Crafted from the finest ingredients in the UK, Super Lemon Haze is available in CBD concentrations of 1000mg. It has so much to recommend it that you should stop reading this and start ordering!

  • 60VG/40PG CBD liquid
  • Pre-steeped for enhanced flavour
  • Citrussy cannabis flavour
  • THC free
  • Available in 1000mg concentrations

Our range features many exceptional flavours and if you require assistance in making the right choice then please give us a call. Our friendly team are always on hand to help. Our CBD liquids are manufactured in the UK using the finest ingredients and we never compromise on quality. The liquids are suitable for vaping but due to the high VG content the liquids should only be vaped using sub ohm devices.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural constituent of hemp oil. The products on this site are not intended to treat or cure any disease. Always check with your doctor. Any statements made on this site are not to be utilised to diagnose medical conditions.

We do not manufacture, distribute or sell any product that contradicts the 'Misuse of Drugs Act 1971'. The company does sell and distribute regulated & approved hemp based products that have been grown legally, under licence. Cannabidiol is not mentioned on the 'Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001’.

Our products are independently tested and do not contain THC.

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Just received heisenberry 1000mg. Great quick delivery and nice large bottle. Not convinced by the flavour though so wont reorder and try another flavour next time. Too early to notice and benefits of the cbd


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