Aroma King

Aroma King

Aroma King is a well established disposable vape kit manufacturing brand founded in 2019.  The primary goal of Aroma King was to create great-tasting, practical, easy-to-use and budget friendly vape to give customers a pleasant vaping experience.

The range of Aroma King Disposable pod kits on the market vary in nicotine strength, flavour and size.  Disposable vape kits are inhale activated and are prefilled with e liquid ready to use immediately.  There is no need to refill simply dispose of device once the battery is depleted. 

The Aroma King Gem 600 disposable is prefilled with 2ml of e liquid with either 20mg of nic salt or zero nicotine.  Each pod kit lasts up to 1 week for a light user and 2-3 days for a frequent user.  Fruity, menthol, citrus or sweet flavours are available for vapers to experience to suit their palate.

Aroma King Tornado 0mg Disposable Pod kit contains zero nicotine and lasts up 7000 puffs.  Prefilled with 14ml of flavoured e liquid and draw activated once inhaled into the mouthpiece.  Each pod kit is rechargeable via a USB type-c charger.

Disposable Pod Kits are ever so popular due to the convenience great tasting flavour.  Aroma King have many products on the market to cater for vapers who want to enjoy vaping for the flavour or for anyone who is switching from smoking to vaping who require nicotine to make that transition.  Other products available include the Aroma King Jewel 0mg Disposable, Aroma King AK5500 0mg Disposable and Aroma King Dark Knight 0mg Disposable.