Apple Cider Concentrate

Apple Cider Concentrate


Apple Cider

Do you yearn for the unique flavour of cider? Fear not! Our Apple Cider One Shot provides the perfect solution for your pressing need! This flavour will satisfy whether you prefer your cider sweet or dry and delivers full bodied fruitiness to savour. You can mix impressive eliquids to enhance your vaping experience which boast the taste of your favourite tipple. If you are searching for a delicious and full-bodied vape, the cider house rules!
Our One Shot concentrates deliver exceptional flavour combinations. They give you ready-made flavours for your DIY eliquids which will always hit the spot. You won’t need to experiment to achieve amazing results and trust us, Apple Cider delivers fabulous results.

Please note that this One Shot is a flavour concentrate for eliquids which should be diluted using your chosen base. Do not attempt to vape the undiluted flavouring.

When mixing your own e liquid please note the following:
  • Our delicious one shot flavour concentrates help you to achieve successful DIY e liquids. They take the trial and error out of creating your own juice by providing you with a wonderful flavour in a single shot!
  • We recommend that you use 10% - 20% flavour concentrate in conjunction with your chosen base but you may have to experiment to find the perfect balance. It is best to build up your flavour gradually as too much can be overpowering.
  • Start by mixing a small amount of e liquid and then vape it to check that you are pleased with the concentration of the flavour. This will prevent you from wasting your ingredients if your recipe doesn’t work out.
  • Make use of an e liquid mixing calculator to help you correctly formulate your recipes.
  • Record your preferred flavour concentration so that you can mix the perfect e liquids time after time.

Mixing your own juice is both interesting and rewarding but can seem a little daunting at the outset. If you feel unsure about anything and would appreciate a little help, then please do call our expert team on 0121 293 1451 or email us at

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