Kiwi Concentrate - 30ml

Kiwi Concentrate - 30ml


It may sound like it hails from the antipodes but kiwifruit is actually native to China. Also known as the Chinese gooseberry, Kiwi is a bright, refreshing and unique flavour to feature in your e liquids. Sweet yet mild, our Kiwi concentrate will not overpower other flavours in your mix but it will add a lift to your recipes. With a tropical taste that boosts any fruity cocktails, Kiwi delivers the lightest of sweet touches to your flavours.

This is a flavour concentrate which should be diluted using your preferred base. Do not attempt to vape the undiluted flavouring.

When mixing your own e liquid please note the following:

  • We recommend that you utilise 10% to 20% concentrate with your preferred base. But taste is subjective and so you may need to experiment to find the perfect balance. Too much flavour can be overpowering so it is best to err on the side of caution.

  • Kiwi is a sweet, bright and light flavour but combining Kiwi with other flavours can produce unexpected results. Mix small quantities of juice at the outset if you wish to avoid wasting your ingredients.

  • Always record your recipes as you mix them so that you are able to replicate them precisely.

  • Take inspiration from your favourite flavour combinations and use these in your recipes.

  • Use an e liquid mixing calculator to help you correctly formulate your recipes.

Mixing your own liquid is both fascinating and rewarding but can seem daunting. If you feel unsure about anything and would appreciate a little help then please do call our expert team on 0121 777 0008 or email us at

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