Flavour Jar Shortfills

Flavour Jar Shortfills

Buy any two £9.99 TMB Shortfills for just £17 mix and match!

Flavour Jars

Are you interested in mixing your own juice but feel unsure about perfecting your flavours? Are you tired of 10ml bottles and like the idea of purchasing your vapes in larger quantities? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, we have a fabulous solution for you!

Tailored Vapes

Mixing your own vapes can be great fun but it is always difficult to nail your recipes and you need to invest in suitable bottles. Flavour Jars feature ready-made flavour concentrates which are presented in funky 60ml and 120ml Chubby Gorilla bottles. All you need to do is add your chosen base and also nicotine if you need it. You will then benefit from outstanding eliquids which are tailored to both your taste and your equipment. Handy nicotine shots are available on this site to make life even easier.

So, whether you favour max VG or high PG eliquids and whatever the nicotine strength that you prefer, you are able to mix the perfect vapes for you and in double quick time. You will have the fabulous flavours that you are looking for and uber-cool bottles in which to store your juice. Flavour Jars give you the best of both worlds and more besides!

Fabulous Flavours

We are confident that you will appreciate the convenience of our Flavour Jars and you certainly won’t be disappointed with the flavours. Our expert flavourists have perfected the taste of your favourite fruit, dessert and confectionery treats so you don’t need to experiment. There are both familiar and unique flavours to choose from and we have put our own twist on some popular vapes.

If you have considered mixing your own juice but have been put off by the potential complications, Our Flavour Jars are an excellent choice. Offering the convenience of ready-made flavours and great bottles but still enabling you to tailor your juice, Flavour Jars are a wonderful innovation. You can create sensible volumes of flavoursome eliquids featuring the perfect base and nicotine strength for you. What could be better?

The Flavour Jar range is just one of the many flavour ranges available from TMB Notes Shortfills collection

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