Surreal Milk Concentrate - 50ml

Surreal Milk Concentrate

Celebrating the yummiest breakfast, the classic combination of cereal and milk is an unexpected delight. We say unexpected because forgetting how delicious cereal actually is appears to be a fundamental aspect of the human condition. Cereal packets are so often left languishing in the cupboard. That is until starvation kicks in. Then you pull out the snap and crackle and quickly realise what a treat you have been missing.

But you won’t be missing out from now on because our Surreal Milk One Shot is surreally yummy and delivers fabulous all-day vapes. Perhaps you will have to leave the cereal in the kitchen cupboard after all! You will love this flavour and if it isn’t quite sweet enough, tweak it by bringing our Brown Sugar concentrate into the mix.

This is a flavour concentrate which should be diluted using your chosen base. Do not attempt to vape the undiluted flavouring.

When mixing your own e liquid please note the following:

  • Our one shot flavour concentrates make mixing your DIY e liquids simple. There will be no trial and error involved in producing juice with a fabulous flavour!

  • We recommend using 10% - 20% flavour concentrate with your chosen base but taste is a subjective thing. It is best to be conservative when adding your flavour as too much can be overpowering.

  • Always mix a small amount of e liquid to start with and then vape it to ensure that it meets your expectations. You don’t want to waste your ingredients!

  • Make use of an e liquid mixing calculator to help you to correctly formulate your recipes.

  • Record the flavour concentration which suits your taste. You can then mix the perfect e liquids every time.

Mixing your own liquid is both fascinating and rewarding but can seem daunting. If you feel unsure about anything and would appreciate a little help then please do call our expert team on 0121 777 0008 or email us at

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Surreal Milk Concentrate - 50ml

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