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Nutty Flavours

Nutty Flavours
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Hazelnut Concentrate - 50ml

Hazelnut ConcentrateIt was a hard nut to crack but we have managed it! This concentrate features the..

£2.70 Ex Tax: £2.25

Peanut Butter Concentrate - 50ml

Peanut ButterYou’d be completely nuts not to try this one! Smooth, satisfying and rich, peanut but..

£4.99 Ex Tax: £4.16

Peanut Choc Concentrate - 50ml

Peanut Choc ConcentrateLike an iconic candy bar that we couldn’t possibly mention, our Peanut Choc O..

£4.99 Ex Tax: £4.16

Pistachio High Strength Concentrate - 10ml

Pistachio High Strength Flavour ConcentrateRich, indulgent and extremely nutty, Pistachio is a vap..

£5.00 Ex Tax: £4.17

TFA Acetyl Pyrazine 5 PG - 50ml

TFA Acetyl Pyrazine 5 PG - 50mltaste description:at 10.00 ppm.  Roasted, nutty, bread..

£4.90 Ex Tax: £4.08

TFA Almond - 50ml

TFA Almond - 50mlSimple, sweet almond flavor like that used in baking.Ingredients: Artificial Flavor..

£4.90 Ex Tax: £4.08

TFA Apple (Tart Green Apple) - 50ml

TFA Apple (Tart Green Apple)  - 50mlA realistic, fresh apple flavor.Ingredients: Natural and Ar..

£4.90 Ex Tax: £4.08

TFA DX Hazelnut - 50ml

TFA DX Hazelnut - 50mlWater soluble.A diketone-free version of our original Hazelnut!This is a nice,..

£4.90 Ex Tax: £4.08

TFA DX Peanut Butter - 50ml

TFA DX Peanut Butter - 50mlWater soluble.A diketone-free version of our original Peanut Butter!This ..

£4.90 Ex Tax: £4.08

TFA DX Pralines and Cream - 50ml

TFA DX Pralines and Cream - 50ml..

£4.90 Ex Tax: £4.08

TFA Pistachio - 50ml

TFA Pistachio - 50mlWater Soluble.A light, clean pistachio flavor. This flavor contains trace a..

£4.90 Ex Tax: £4.08

TFA Toasted Almond - 50ml

TFA Toasted Almond - 50mlWater soluble.This is a very 'Toasted' type of almond flavor. This is not a..

£4.90 Ex Tax: £4.08