Coffee Club Create Shortfills

Coffee Club Create Shortfills

Coffee Club Create

The coffee vaping collection that makes you the barista!

There’s nothing worse than needing a fix and then seeing that awful queue for the coffee! With so many coffee shops on every high street, it’s incredibly annoyng that each and every one of them will inevitably be packed to the rafters when you need a drink on the fly. Nobody shops any more, they head straight for the caramel macchiato instead. Worse still, when you want a coffee quickly, the person in front of you is bound to order an exotic frappuccino with 20 ingredients that takes hours to mix! Perhaps it’s time that you did the mixing!

Vaping the taste of your favourite coffees is much more convenient than queuing and you can do exactly that with Coffee Club Create.

Customisable Coffee E Liquids

Coffee is personal. Very personal. Which makes coffee vapes incredibly frustrating. You get the rich taste of coffee but where’s that hint of caramel that you treasure and why are you vaping an espresso when you much prefer a latte?

Supplied in short fill bottles, Coffee Club Create e liquids ensure that your troubles are over. You get 40ml of delicious coffee e juice but there’s room to add a nic shot plus one of our amazing syrup shots to customise the experience. You design your own all day vape and with so many delicious syrup shots to choose from, it’s guaranteed to hit the spot!

Heavenly Syrup Shots

Your favourite enhancement is sure to be on the menu with Coffee Club Create syrup shots. From Toffee Apple to Pumpkin Spice and from Chai to Amaretto, we have evolved a sumptuous collection of delicious flavour shots that will take your coffee e liquids to the next level and beyond. Whether you crave Cinnamon or Gingerbread, we have the shot that completes your coffee vaping life.

Coffee with an Extra Shot

Coffee Club Create brings a whole new meaning to the concept of an extra shot! It must be time to wake up and smell the coffee not to mention the caramel or Amaretto! You can walk smugly past every coffee shop in town with your favourite brew tucked away neatly in your pocket. What could be better than that?

The Coffee Club Create range is just one of the many flavour ranges available from TMB Notes Shortfills collection

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