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Posted by Gill Robinson 10/08/2016 5 Comment(s)

A good friend of mine from TMB Notes was able to send me over some of his products, which allowed me to mix my own E-Liquid and sample his stock. He supplied me with everything from some beakers, syringes in assorted sizes, to the nicotine, VG and PG, and also TMB Notes’ own concentrates.


Mixing your own liquids is incredibly easy, I’d tried it before with a VG/PG/nic mix, but I was limited on the outcome of the liquid specifics for how I like to vape. None of this was a problem with TMB Notes as I had everything and could be precise in my methods to work towards a liquid I’d be able to vape, along with consistent nicotine percentages to keep me going. And in this post I shall be explaining how to mix together your own liquids, which is cheap and full of choice.


Mixing tips and Safety


Despite mixing being a creative and cost efficient way to make the flavoured liquids that you personally want to vape, there are a few pointers in taking care with products you will be working with, and as long as you follow these you, you will be fine.

First and foremost, Nicotine is a dangerous product to work around, and it’s usually a very high percentage, I’d been given a bottle of 72mg Nicotine. Keep out of reach of any children! It is more than enough to kill you.

I had been supplied with some Nitrile gloves to use whilst mixing, this helps to protect you from Nicotine and concentrates. Bear in mind that Nicotine can be absorbed through the skin, so it is also dangerous if you get any of it on your hands or what not. Wash hands immediately and possibly seek medical attention.

Work in a tidy and clean area to avoid contamination of liquids from other sources.



Mixing guide


The first mix I made was an 80vg/20pg mix of the killer kustard concentrate supplied, at 3mg nicotine strength. These are ratios and percentages that I usually vape, but they can easily be changed for say a 70/30 mix if desired.

My workings out for the desired mix are shown below from a website called Steam Engine (http://www.steam-engine.org/juice.asp) which allows you to enter the specified details of your equipment and gives you a guide on how much of your stock to use to get a desired liquid.



Here is a photo of all the equipment needed, and supplied by TMB notes, which I’m very grateful of them for supplying.

I firstly began by measuring out the Nicotine for 100ml of liquid, extra precaution needs to be taken here because if you measure out a wrong or different amount, then your Nic strength will be noticeably off, or in some instances dangerously high.

I used varied sized syringes to measure the amount of nicotine needed for the 3mg mix.



I then used a measuring cylinder to measure out 79ml of VG, and some syringes to measure the remaining 0.76ml of liquid more precisely.

This was rather thick and needed mixing a lot, I’d recommend heating the VG on it’s own slightly prior to mixing with the nicotine, to allow the mixing to be an easier process with a stirring rod.

I used more syringes to measure out the 1.07ml of PG and added to the mix, and again stirred for a while until well mixed

















After this step, I began measuring the Kustard concentrate for the mix, I wanted a 15% measurement of the concentrate, as my experience with custards are that it doesn’t take a lot to become overpowering.


I added the concentrate into the mixture and mixed it for a good 5 minutes to allow everything to fusion together well.








Steeping is an important aspect of mixing e-liquids, various concentrates need longer to steep to obtain a high level of desired flavour, with strengthens in time.

I left this liquid to steep a minimum of between 2-3 weeks to allow the flavour to intensify.





The equipment I was supplied was highly professional and of great quality. The Killer Kustard concentrate was very good and provided a strong and well-flavoured juice. I can’t pick much fault in anything provided.

I also made a separate batch and added a small amount of Ethyl Maltol solution, which allowed me to sweeten the liquid slightly. I tried this upon mixing, and the nicotine was slightly harsh, however I believe this is down to me having a pure 3mg percentage liquid, when in reality, the brands I’ve been buying are probably slightly under 3mg. since then I have made a 2mg mix which was a lot nicer to vape for my standards.


The original liquid that was left to steep for a few weeks tasted a lot better than when first mixed, the Killer Kustard had come through exceptionally well. The Nicotine was still slightly harsh for me but was nicer to vape than the day 1 mix.

In the future, I’d like to try mixing a few concentrates together to create a more unique flavour, for example, the Killer Kustard and a Vanilla styled concentrate, or something a little fruitier.


Overall the process was simple, easy, and enjoyable to do. It’s more cost efficient than buying your premium liquids from shops, you get a lot more liquid, and it’s easier to adjust and get a flavour you enjoy.




(photo of a mix completed on day 1 of the process)

5 Comment(s)

08/09/2016, 12:43:48 PM

Hello I purchased the NICKIT9 it came with bottles do I need to use the smaller one or is the 80/20 6mg still correct. What is the purpose of the smaller bottle? Regards Brad

16/09/2016, 10:56:58 AM

hi I bought the premixed nicotine base 70% vg 30% pg 6% nicotine this may sound silly but do I just fill a 30ml bottle with the premix and add the flavour thankyou

11/10/2016, 02:54:41 PM

I thought the same thing,I got confused when I found a smaller bottle of propylene glycol with it.I've been looking on the site what to do but can't find much. Did you find out?

16/11/2016, 05:27:45 PM

Hi Brandon. The little bottle is the amount of vg removed from the larger bottle to fit the pg dilute. Read this on another site. Hope this helps

Anthony Diggens:
01/02/2017, 11:55:49 AM

Hello I've just received my 1lt 80%vg 20%pg 6mg ready mixed base juice from tomb notes along with 30ml ice mint concentrate and I'm wondering how much concentrate I need to add to each 10 ml of base liquid? I normally buy ready mixed liquid and as a rule I tend to enjoy a stronge sweet ice/menthol fruit flavoured juice. Also what would be the best sweetener to use? Thanks Tony.

03/02/2017, 01:13:13 PM

Hi I have bought the 70vg/30pg 3mg nicotine base am I correct if I want to add 30% flavour in a 100ml batch that I add together 66ml base to 33ml concentrate or do I need to add anything else? Many thanks Lee

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